Your First $100k Month Review (Mike Mark)

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Mike Mark is the owner of CoachingSales dot com, a company that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to six- or seven-figure earnings, by training their sales teams. He also fancies himself as an investor, a sales coach, and an artist. Today, he’s asking you, as an entrepreneur, if you want to experience your first $100,000 month. Which then slides into his invite to his event. And inside, he’ll teach you the process that has helped them earn that amount in their first month, and has worked for their 300+ clients. So can we trust Mike Mark? Let’s see in this review.

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He starts his video advertisement with this statement, “I remember that used to feel like the holy grail and I used to tell myself, ‘Once I hit my first $100,000 month, everything will be different.’ I can hire the help I needed to keep growing. I can live the lifestyle that I’ve been dreaming of. I can take care of my family the way they deserve to be taken care of. I can invest in my own personal development, join higher-end communities, and be around movers and shakers. And most importantly, I can contribute to the causes that I care about. And you know what? That’s exactly what happened.”

Mike then continues with this statement, “Now, don’t get me wrong. There were still plenty of bumps and potholes along the road. And scaling past a hundred grand a month, well, That’s a whole other can of worms. But we’ll worry about that when we get there. First, let’s get you to your own first hundred thousand dollars per month. That I know I can do. See, I’ve gotten good at scaling businesses. Got it down to a science at this point. In fact, if I told you the number of clients who hit their first $100,000 month with us, you probably wouldn’t believe me, so I’m not even gonna bother. And listen, I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I don’t have the magic pill for you.”

“Ultimately, though, what we do have, is data. Data is why we’re so successful at taking companies that are making $10-, $20-, $30,000 a month, and helping them get to $100-, $130-, $150,000 a month. Data. We’ve been behind the scenes of so many businesses. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We know what funnels are working today, in 2022. How to book calendars out for weeks and weeks, how to pretty much eliminate no-shows, objections people are having, buying triggers, you name it.”

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According to Mike Mark, when a new client signs with him, all his team has to do is to “copy-paste” the process that works for the client. And then, Mike will advise them against doing what doesn’t. It’s possible for them because Mike claims that he’s got the insight, the wisdom, the golden nuggets, the exact moves his clients need to make to achieve that $100,000/month. He has compiled the 80/20 ratio of what you need to do to achieve that goal as soon as possible. And that’s basically the gist of what he’s offering in this event.

“Not only that, but I’m also gonna share with you the top five mistakes digital marketers make when scaling to 7-figures,” Mike says. And he ends his video presentation by giving all the necessary details on how you can join this event. “And we’ve packaged this up into a live one-day virtual event called Your First $100,000 Month. And the best part is? You ain’t gonna pay $3,000 for a ticket. It’s not gonna cost you $1,997 or even $997. Heck, I’m not even gonna charge ya $499. I’m pretty much giving this thing away at just $49. Best case scenario, you leave the event with a crystal clear roadmap to pass $100k a month.”

And as a follow-up to his previous statement, he says that the worst-case scenario is that you only lose $49. But you should know that a cheaply-priced workshop like this could only be hiding something else. The workshop itself could be teaching things related to scaling a business, but it won’t be comprehensive enough that you’ll be able to scale to $100,000 in the first month after you’re done with the workshop. And for what it’s worth, the reason that this workshop is priced so cheap is that there’s a much more expensive upsell that’s going to be offered to you once you’re inside. Overall, Mike Mark seems to be a great guy, but I don’t like how he’s so deceptive in his marketing.

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