Is 10X A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Grant Cardone's 10X

10X your business, 10X your income, 10X your life. This is the tagline of famous speaker and entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Here’s how he defines it: 10X is about creating a life without limitations. In other words, the same ‘ol “achieve financial freedom” by scaling your business tenfold. 10X, ten times, tenfold. Get it? Still a bit vague, I know. That’s why a lot wonder whether 10X is just a pyramid scheme or scam. Is it? Find out below.

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Being the man behind 10X, l think it would be appropriate to talk about who’s Grant first. Besides being a speaker and entrepreneur, he’s also a real estate mogul and author of books like, guess what, The 10X Rule. Safe to say that wherever he goes and whatever he does, there’s always his 10X branding.

And I may not vibe with his personality, but it’s what carried this whole 10X thang. He’s charismatic (to certain people), a somewhat convincing speaker, and a good salesman, albeit one-dimensional. When I say he’s good but one-dimensional, I mean dude is doing numbers using his relentless hard-selling approach and only that. It ain’t that bad since he’s usually dealing with suckers anyway. Not a problem for him at all until that interview with Jordan Belfort.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again and again. That encounter with the wolf (Jordan) tarnished his rep by a lot . Showed how he’s not the hot shot he thinks he is. Personally, I know that he’s not, but the way he got exposed publicly is just *chef’s kiss* perfect. Sorry (not sorry) Grant, you look CarDONE when you face no suckers. Means he looks pathetic and grade A loser when his usual bullsh*tting doesn’t work.

T’was two years ago. The more recent stuff that I find disgusting about him is his untimely support for the equally egotistical Ye. Are you really calling a black guy spouting white supremacist BS a misunderstood genius? That cray cray making us look like a damn foo’ and you’re down with that? FOH. Hell, set that racist thing aside and we’re still not calling him misunderstood. Not when he’s doxxing his own children just to f*ck with Kim K.

Grant has problematic takes and IS problematic, and so are his 10X offers. Aside from his  Cardone Capital venture, most of them are just mindset training. Which I usually don’t mind BTW. If that’s your thang and you’ve got extra money for it, then you do you. Just remember that mindset is not the only thing you need to get right to build a biz.

That’s where I got problems with Grant’s 10X courses. He’s marketing his sh*t as if it’s enough for you to get the bag. Nu-uh, that’s just bull. It’s goddamn expensive too (e.g. $12k price for one 10X conference seat) for, what, a bunch of motivational speeches that explain no actual business model whatsoever. “Anyone can be a billionaire” muh ass. Not with your courses Grant. Besides, dude’s not a billionaire himself anyway. And I oop.

Is 10X A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Also, I personally don’t find it motivational when his whole 10X thang revolves around him. What I mean, when Grant sells 10X, he’s selling himself and his lifestyle. Acting all alpha and filthy rich to get suckers throw money at him, but then, we know it’s all a facade after that interview. Also, you’ll know it after hearing the news about Zurixx, 10X parent company, getting nuked by the FTC.

If he’s not selling himself, he’s selling an obscene amounts upsells . So, yeah, expect sales pitch after sales pitch on his 10X courses. Didn’t buy any of his courses yet, but you somehow ended up on his contacts? Still, expect sales pitch after sales pitch, but on unwanted calls by his pushy sales team. As one reviewer puts it, “They will harass you worse than any extended warranty company.”

With that being said, I’m not recommending Grant’s 10X. It’s not a pyramid scheme, but it shares a characteristic with fraudulent businesses guilty of such. That is, the cult-like behaviour here with Grant at its center. No way I’ll push anyone to one, join a cult; and two, stan a very problematic guy like him. Not when the only thing you’ll probably get here is an expensive lesson of not buying any fake guru’s BS.

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