Project 303 Review (Andrew Keene)

Andrew Keene

Project 303 promises thousands of dollars in extra income for ya – all it takes is 30 minutes of work three times a week. It is under the Extra Income Project that investment analyst Andrew Keene is promoting. Speaking of Andrew, he also claims that you don’t need any special skills to replicate his wins since he’s THAT good of a teacher. “I can teach what I do to literally anybody,” says him. The review of him and his Project 303 program continues below.

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His confidence is through the roof, but that sh*t ain’t enough obviously. Stop telling us you’re good, show it!  I don’t think he’s able to do the latter since Project 303 has been scraped off the Money Map Press, the site where it’s originally marketed similar to what Investors Valley is to Tim Plaehn’s The Dividend Hunter. Dude isn’t listed on the said site’s team of experts either. Too much talk on being good when he’s probably canned for doing the opposite. Pfft.

Anyway, I know Project 303 is no more, but let’s review it still, okay? I think this could be useful in deciding whether Andrew must be avoided like a plague or not. So, Project 303 is Andrew’s subscription-based investment system where you’re supposed to follow the dude’s advice, specifically options trading picks, three times a week. Didn’t realize it earlier, but the main pull of it is in the name. 30 minutes, 3 times a week, Project 303. Get it?

His trading picks are based on his very own trading strategy called S.C.A.N. system. The said system stands for Spot the tell, Confirm the signal, Automate and execute, and Net worth boosted. My first impression here is that Andrew loves to label his thang like it’s referencing a popular movie or series. Personally, this S.C.A.N. system thingy reminds me of The D.E.N.N.I.S System in IASIP. Must be a fan, IDK.

Anyhow, the said system enables Andrew to track insider trading in a legal way… Wait a sec, isn’t insider trading illegal in itself? Glossing over that fact about insider trading, he continues describing the system as something that scans the market for unusual activity. Something unusual means possible investment opportunities for ya.

To add, he also says the things made possible by the S.C.A.N. system. First of all, using the method apparently made him a millionaire despite the financial meltdown in ‘08.  Specifically, he says the following: “Now, I know that sounds crazy…But using this method in 2008 when things were at their worst and I was down and out like everybody else, I was able to grow my account into $5 million…All while everybody else was losing their shirts….” Yes Andrew, it sounds crazy indeed.

Project 303 Review

What’s crazier is him claiming that the system is some kind of a hidden gem, something only one in a million people knows, in the options trading space and that it makes it possible to, er, get rich quick with it. Get rich quick, you say? I get it, he’s impatient and wants to get all ‘em monies quickly himself, but it’s never a good look to market your sh*t with that. Reviews of him using fake testimonials is not good either. All of these are just red flags, IMO.

Talks about his system aside, here’s what you’ll get upon signing up for Project 303: Three immediate recommendations for new subscribers, access to a live trading room with Andrew, Project 303 weekly wrap-up, weekly watchlist and Profit Pregame newsletter, access to members-only website, and a bonus course titled Fast Track to Financial Freedom. All of that for Project 303’s price of $129 for one-year membership or $199 for two-year membership.

That being said, I don’t recommend Project 303. Not down on learning with Andrew or signing up for any of his still existing programs either with all the red flags mentioned earlier. His flawed ways of teaching the trades that’ll ensure you’ll miss out on it is a big no-no as well. The audacity to tell us that he can teach anybody when he can’t simply list his trades properly. Worse, missing out on the said trades might be a blessing in disguise since it’s usually garbo. His program is actually garbo overall, and so is he. I’ll avoid Andrew like a plague and I think you should too.

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