4QLife Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

People have taken an interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in the past few years. A lot of money has been poured into the blockchain. So much so that celebrities have been asked to do commercials for crypto- and blockchain-related companies. Yes, commercials. And they actually aired on TV. There have been a lot of uses of the blockchain. People are somehow aware of NTFs, or nonfungible tokens. But cryptocurrency is still where a lot of people have been putting their money into. I, for one, haven’t really understood the hype for it yet. All of the effort they’re putting into the blockchain has been kind of interesting to see. So it isn’t much of a surprise that a bunch of people have started to take the structure of multi-level marketing schemes into the cryptoverse.

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There isn’t really any corporate information about 4QLife on their website. If you go to the website, you’ll basically just be welcomed by a video filled with stock footage of resorts and beaches. There aren’t really anything else you can click except to join or log in. A bit of digging lead me to find out that 4Q stands for “Four Quadrants.” A video of the product presentation is on YouTube. It features two people named Daniel Butts and Bob Byrum.

Both Butts and Byrum had experience being part of other multi-level marketing schemes. Butts had co-founded Rocket Cash Cycler in 2012. Back then he also founded EZ Wealth Formula. He also founded iTravel Party. iTravel Party got rebooted a few times due to some failed attempts or, rather, the money might’ve run because no new members were joining. Bryum was apparently a top-earner in another cryptocurrency scheme.

It seems like a lot of crypto-related MLM schemes don’t really have anything to sell. Well, I guess you can buy cryptocurrency in order to use it? PGI Global and Hyperfund required you to pay a fee in order to join. That fee gets converted into their respective cryptocurrencies. A bunch of bleeps and blorps happen in the background. And somehow you start earning more of those cryptocurrencies. In order to cash out your earnings from it, you have to go through a very convoluted process where you have to convert that in-house cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency that are accepted by most crypto-wallets.

4QLife’s whole deal is sort of within that same vein. You pay a one-time fee of $40, which they refer to as a admin fee. Then you have to pay for one of three “pay centers.” Q1 costs $300, Q2 costs $800, and Q3 costs $3,500. I think you can buy all of them together? Even though the prices I mentioned are in USD, you actually have to pay in either tether (USDT) or USD. Yeah, you have to first convert your actual money into cryptocurrency. From then, you can just let 4QLife handle everything. In a few days, you will supposedly earn more than what you put into it.

Not all multi-level marketing schemes are built the same way. Some MLMs offer actual products that people can actually use. I feel like you can go into stock trading without having to resort to something like 4QLife. There are a lot of free resources that you can check online if you really want to go into trading or even cryptocurrency. The only reason why you can supposedly earn from 4QLife is because people joined and put their money into it. The people at the front of the line or, in this case, at the top of the pyramid structure will obviously be the ones getting the benefits. When no new people join, the stream of income basically stops.

Even though some companies that use the MLM structure offer actual products, it’s actually hard to earn more than what you put into these schemes. 47% of people who join MLMs actually lose money from being part of these structures. That’s a lot of people, all things considered. People who break even in MLMs and those who earn more than that are around the same number, about 27% for the former and 26% for the latter. A one in four chance of earning more doesn’t make it seem like it’s a good investment.

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