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7K Metals Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Gold! Silver! These metals are pretty valuable. And the coins made out of either of those two metals sell for pretty high prices. It’s no wonder that anybody collecting gold or silver coins spend a lot of money into it. With so many network marketing or multi-level marketing companies out there that exist in different industries, why not do the same for precious metals? It’s kind of a more niche industry to introduce a multi-level marketing company. But they did it with crypto. So…

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7K Metals was founded by a few people who have experience in the metal collection and mining business and in the network marketing business. Co-founders Richard Hansen and Sam Cook represent the former, while co-founders Zach Davis, Josh Anderson and Roger Ball represent the former. Zach and Josh founded an multi-level marketing training company called Black Ink International in 2011. Surprisingly, Josh served as the CEO of another multi-level marketing company that operated in the health and wellness space called JD Premium from 2009 to 2011. Zach served as JD Premium’s chief marketing officer in the same span as Josh. Roger Ball founded that company. How the three of them found Richard and Sam, I don’t really know. Zach Davis the one who frequently appears in videos on their YouTube channel.

If you look at their official website, you can see all of the products that the company has to offer. The prices range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Actual gold and silver coins cost a fucking ton of money. Who in the world would have $60,000 to spend on 1kg gold bar? Fortunately, they also sell some jewelry. Some of the jewelry they sell look pretty nice. Especially the necklaces with gems in them. You can probably buy similar looking ones in actual jewelry shops. I tried to add one of the jewelry they’re selling onto my cart. But I tried to checkout, the website is asking me for the username of one of their members. That’s… that’s weird.

So it seems like you can’t really buy any of the items that they sell on their websites. What’s the deal with with that? Basically, the only people who can really buy from 7K Metal’s online storefront are the people who join 7K Metals as an affiliate member. Yeah, that’s where the multi-level marketing aspect comes into play. In order to become 7K Metals affiliate member, another affiliate member has to recruit you first. How do you get recruited? You have to find a 7K Metals business near you. How you’ll be able to find that I’m not really sure. What I do know is that you can pay for a membership that’s worth either $249 for a basic membership and a $449 premium membership. The premium membership just gives you unlimited access to tools offered in 7K Metal’s members website.

Once you’ve become a member, you can basically start recruiting other people to become members. Also you can now purchase any of the items that they offer on their online storefront. That’s basically it. I’m not really sure what else you can do besides that. That’s the weird thing about 7K Metals. They don’t really have any products to sell directly except a membership. Most of the other multi-level marketing companies at least sell an actual product to people who aren’t members. Like Pampered Chef sells kitchen tools and Cabi sells clothes for women. I guess gold and silver, in whatever form it takes, cost hundreds or even thousands on a singe coin or a bar. It’s not something anybody wants to buy. But the jewelry, guys. The fucking jewelry. They’re the most decent products on their storefront. Why not sell those?

Unlike a lot of the other MLMs, you’re going to put a lot of money into buying whatever it is you want to buy from 7K Metals. Is it even worth the commissions if you’re going to shell out a few thousand dollars on a 1kg silver bar? I guess you can sell it to other businesses that buy precious metals. It doesn’t really make that much sense, though. This is probably one of those MLMs that you should really stay away from. But you should stay away from MLMs regardless.

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