The Virtual Savvy Review (Abbey Lynn Ashley)

Abbey Lynn Ashley

Abbey Lynn Ashley loves posting tips and tricks for VAs in her ‘Gram, including how VAs could manage their time. She suggests making a todo list and prioritizing tasks based on deadlines and importance, setting boundaries with regards to responding to emails, and taking breaks throughout the day. But how about  a guide on becoming a VA first? Well, she got The Virtual Savvy for that to help ya. Review below.

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First off, let’s talk about Abbey’s journey from being broke to earning-thousands-while-still-doing-mom-stuff dope. Must be inspiring considering her decision to put it out there in The Virtual Savvy website. I mean, it sure is just for the prospect of not having to choose between being a parent and career.

It all started with her being newly married, newly pregnant, and, uh, not-so-newly broke. Girl hated the feeling of living paycheck-to-paycheck [aren’t we all?]. She just wanted to be a mom and care for her upcoming bb at home, that’s all. The moment she delivered her newborn, she become determined to do whatever it takes to make a seemingly pipe dream a reality.

At first, she tried being a nanny, an eBay seller, and freezer meal cook. It was not working, they’re still living paycheck-to-paycheck. Not until she discovered the world of VAs. In her mind, she’s already qualified to become one ’cause she’s been doing admin works already. Sending email, setting up appointments, that kind of stuff.

She got herself a client, made buncha money from home, and earn more VA work that she then delegate to other people. Eventually, she’s able to make a living without doing lotta work herself. She mentions, “Oh my gosh, I’m getting paid while I’m spending time with my kids!”

People are curious on how she did it, and so, she ended up launching a online program in The Virtual Savvy. Here, she teach other people how to become successful VAs and have the freedom to do whatever just like her. “What had worked for me could work for other people too,” she claims.

What worked for Abbey, she reveal in various offers of The Virtual Savvy. First, there’s the flagship offer named The Savvy System. It’s touted as the step-by-step VA training program that takes you from zero to hero in terms of starting a VA biz. The price of this The Virtual Savvy’s offer starts at $997 [up to $2,997 for the ultimate tier].

Then, there’s this one called The VA Toolbox that contains essential VA documents in the US such as customizable VA contract, customizable subcontracting agreement, contract and subcontract instructions, and a mock portfolio template. This offer cost a one time payment of $97.

Similar to The VA Toolbox is the Complete Client Onboarding System. As the name suggests, this includes stuff for your onboarding needs such as Trello board template, and a pdf with helpful links and resources. It’s the cheapest paid offer of The Virtual Savvy program at $27.

Finally, there’s the one and only subscription-based offer in The Savvy Vault. It’s a collection of over seventy training courses made by experienced VAs to share industry skills that would enable you to charge higher as a VA. A crowd favorite among those who can “absorb” training quickly, this offer is priced at $47 a month or $467 a year [lifetime access is also available at $1,997].

The Virtual Savvy Review

I already detailed in a review before why I don’t see just becoming a VA is a biz itself. In fairness to The Virtual Savvy, they made it evident that becoming a VA is only a stepping stone in building something bigger… not that it’s necessary, but it could be your first step towards launching an actual VA biz that involves subcontracting.

The business model is still not my cuppa tea. I understand if some of y’all are liking it, though. I don’t blame ya if you’re a baby mama that resonates with Abbey’s story. Or maybe, you’re just someone interested in doing “easy” admin works at home. Whatever reason it may be, the heart wants what it wants, I guess.

However, I still won’t advise you to buy any of The Virtual Savvy offers, especially the expensive ones. Coming from VAs themselves, pricey courses are simply not worth it ’cause lotta info, here in The Savvy System in particular, is free elsewhere . They also say it’s easier to just start by yourself… Which makes sense considering thousands are prolly following Abbey’s [outdated] aesthetics to a T. If you ask me, I rather stand out than be a blandy abbey fading into the abyss.

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