Abundance Network Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Computers have helped us in our daily lives ever since they were made, especially in our work and personal businesses. They had a big impact on where our society will be moving in the future. Maybe we’ll come to a point where humans will be replaced by machines and that’s not far from reality. It may happen because of how fast the computers are evolving. And Abundance Network took advantage of that and made it their asset.

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Abundance Network was founded by Jeff Long and when is what we don’t know because of Jeff’s long MLM/pyramid scam career behind him (get the pun?). He was the founder of AutoXTen which is a recruitment scheme back in 2011 which didn’t even reach a year before it collapsed. Come back again in 2015 with his Get Paid Social which is tagged as a Facebook messaging spam. Which also didn’t last that long.

Due to the decline of Get Paid Social, he then again made another ponzi model business named 1 Online Business in mid 2017. Showed some hype but did decline in 2018. And another pyramid scheme, Luvv which also didn’t run that long. And lastly before Abundance Network surfaces was the NewU Financial in 2019. This guy’s fond of juicing people for money, ‘eyy? What a jerk.

With his life-long career of running pyramid and ponzi schemes, it is not that far off that this Abundance Network is also a part of his plan to get money from people. But where’s the computer part as I said a while ago? Abundance Network is a company that uses (AI) voicemail and text messages to their prospect customers. For those of us who are not computer literate, let’s find out what an AI is. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science which builds smart machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In short, their AI – AVA (short for Automated Virtual Assistant) is a software system that will answer your incoming calls that you can’t and don’t want to take and respond to them instantly and automatically. This will save you a lot of time when managing your business, so they say.

So how does AVA work? It will simply spam text messages to a lot of contact numbers that state who you are and what kind of business you’re running. If one of those people replies and seems to be interested in your business and the products/services you’re offering, then AVA will call that phone number and then a series of presses on your phone before you can start and chat with AVA.

It will ask for your basic information like name and address to start the conversation. Their system saves all conversations of AVA with your prospect customers who tried to contact you and know what your business is doing and other frequently asked questions like what time does your store open, where can someone check your products up for sale, or maybe set an appointment for a meeting to discuss further details. 

In the money-making part. All you gotta do is recruit people. But before that, of course you need to become a member first. Their basic membership will cost you $200, but as all of them in the company are suggesting, you need to become a Master Reseller because you can earn more money this way, and it will only cost you $697. Pretty cheap isn’t it? Well, that’s sarcasm at its finest. A total fee of $897 in a year? And that’s only for the membership. There are also costs for training and promotional expenses.

More money will be earned when you become a Master Reseller because you will have access to more phone numbers to spam and there are more chances that you will get people to hop on the ride and sign up with Abundance Network. Because every person that you recruit in signing up for this gig will earn you $100 each. So there’s no product. It’s all laid bare that you can only earn by recruiting people. And that’s an outright illegal pyramid scheme.

Abundance Network is a company that earns through a pyramid scheme model made by the meister itself, Jeff Long. With his entire career making pyramid schemes, it is not that surprising to see this one fall down in the trend as well. There is no income in places such as this one. You will just be wasting your time and effort on trying to become rich in a pyramid scheme like this because only those who are up above the chain are the only ones who are making money the most from your efforts.

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