Done For You Client Acquisition System Review (Ravi Abuvala)

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala of Scaling With Systems confidently claims that they acquire between sixty to eighty high-paying clients every single month. And guess what, he’s gonna show you how they exactly did it… Well, that’s what he said, but it’s really more of a sneak peek rather than a bare it all revelation. Regardless, let’s check if he can sell the opportunity of a Done For You Client Acquisition System. Review below.

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Any coach, consultant, course creator, or online service provider with me? If you’re one of ‘em peeps I mentioned, you’re in luck since the Acquisition System Ravi is talking about would apparently double, even triple your revenue in the next sixty days. Starting with an over-the-top claim just like what he usually does, I see.

He adds, “We have absolutely perfected the system at scaling established online businesses which is why we guarantee our results.” Get results or your money back [doubt it as their terms of service says otherwise], but then, he drops a disclaimer and says, “But that’s only if you’re the right fit.”

Now, this is rare. Ravi being honest, ha! But seriously, issa good thing that he’s not here to waste the time of someone who’s just starting out or not in the industry he mentioned earlier.  I don’t think he has the best of intentions on doing this, though. IDK, seems like he just doesn’t want to waste time himself with peeps who likely can’t afford his course.

Can’t blame him for weeding out the “bad” early. I get it, he can’t simply accommodate anyone because that would be bad for his biz. And that’s the point, he’s doing it not really because he’s an upstanding fella, but because he’s a businessman. Not so good at that since many have called him out for his BS claims and services with excessive markup.

Anyhow, I’ll do what I say above first and see how he’ll sell the Done For Your Client Acquisition System. As expected, he brags how his own company generates over a million dollars a month predictably and consistently. That’s apparently without him being involved in the process whatsoever. Weird flex, but okay… or not?

What I mean is, the latter sounds a-okay unless you know how he exploits his VAs. Context matters! He could be anywhere he wants doing whatever at the expense of others. Like, he could be sitting pretty in his fancy crib, or be chilling in Santorini, Greece like a millionaire tourist that he is, while paying his VAs piss poor wages.

Worse, you’ll never really know this as a client because of the excessive markup. Over a grand paid by clients while Ravi only gives around two-fifty bucks to the VA themselves. He’s really done both his clients and VAs dirty, f*cking yikes!

Going back to whatever BS he’s saying, the first step he’ll do for your biz is “infuse it with cash” in only ten days or so using his $50k script. Then, he and his team will build a more sustainable client acquisition system for you through paid advertising.

Don’t have the money for paid ads? Fret not, he says, as you’ll eventually get it from the $50k script. If not, they’ll set you up with a cold outbound campaign. Something that’s proven to fill out the calendar, he says.

Done For You Client Acquisition System Review

Those who have done this before and failed shouldn’t worry either. Your previous offer is probably not cold-friendly enough, and he can easily fix that. He’s also throwing shade to those who’s doing the same sh*t over and over… while doing the same himself with him copy-and-pasting his system a thousand times! Boy had a “hurt himself in its confusion” typa moment.

He actually says that you’ll just copy-and-paste his thang, while also declaring that it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Like, what is it, really? Is it standardized, customized, just in the middle, or what? But yeah, his type of approach aside, you gotta transition to doing paid ads before they can start scaling. Also, his Done For You Client Acquisition System that cost $12k would somehow save you from the hassle of testing and guessing.

Again, I gotta emphasize how the markup is crazy high on his services. How would it save you from some hassle when it’s a big, expensive hassle itself? System is not the money-making machine he promised either. I’ve seen unfiltered, honest reviews [hard to see these when Ravi is relentless on scraping  them off the internet] that claim they are yet to get any clients from it. I’m not sold, and neither should you.

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