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Accelerated Profits Review (Louis Navellier)

Louis Navellier

Accelerated Profits is one of Louis Navellier’s stock investment programs. The said program also has Louis’ impatience in mind. Here, Louis doesn’t care about what’s the next Amazon’s or Apple’s. Got no time to wait lotta years for that stock to go up in prices. Instead, he wants a winner that’ll moon in the next three to six months. Like he said, he wants to be “in and out in a blink of an eye with huge profits to booth.”

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Yup, Accelerated Profits is yet another stock investment program that promises quick AND big returns. And we got another self-proclaimed “stock genius” here in Louis, what else is new? The ridiculousness doesn’t stop there as the winning stocks here are also labeled as low-risk investment… That the company offering them is somehow just off-the-radar. Yeah, riiight. Very believable, dude. *rolls eyes*

Enough BS? Nah, Louis got more up his sleeves. And it’s the usual one to lure those easily swayed by buzzwords— either they don’t know much about tech, they’re old as f*ck, or both. I’m talking about Louis crediting his picks not on his raw “genius” alone, but also on an AI he got with tremendous predictive power. Thanks to the faster computers of today, he says, that’s able to power this sh*t up unlike his old Macintosh plus in his thirties… No sh*t, the AI is probably just the lousy forecasting software he bought from a twenty year old teenager. In short, there’s nothing close to groundbreaking here.

Get in. Get out. Get paid. That’s how easy it is apparently to get big gains in stock trading quickly and safely. Cap! IMHO, it’s more of an apt description on how Louis earns money from selling courses and newsletters. Heck, he also got the safety in the gains part covered somehow as he’s protected from civil lawsuits being a Florida man himself. No, I’m not talking about the tired stereotype. He’s really a resident of Florida and not even the SEC can take his home, er, big and fancy Palm beach mansion there as he’s protected by the state’s homestead law.

Speaking of the SEC, the said body is also tired of this dude’s BS just like me. The reason why I even mentioned Louis being somehow protected from civil lawsuits is because the SEC slapped him with such. Can’t say justice is well-served because of the said protection, but, at least, the SEC was able to successfully sue him for false and misleading statements in his marketing materials. $31.5 million in total fines for him and his company. F*ck around and find out, amirite?

Accelerated Profits Review

I would spare you with the full story about the lawsuit here. In any case you want to know the nitty-gritty of it, you can check out my other review about him. But in this review, the details I mentioned above are enough to get my point across. That is, this guy is proven to be a fraudster, a hustler, and a scummy investment hack. Should be a convincing reason for y’all to not purchase his Accelerated Profits program or any of his offers.

Oh, and by the way, another reason not to touch his programs with a ten-foot pole would be him being a pathetic investor in reality. I won’t call someone a “genius” when they get negative returns over the span of a three-year period. In other words, he’s losing money with his investments. The AI he got is far from the smart Artificial Intelligence he’s claiming, but more like an Allen Iverson type for crossing us up. Who needs his AI when anyone can just let their money sit on a boring savings account with very low returns and still end up with a better investment than Louis? No one, of course!

For the sake of completeness, I’ll still list down what you’ll get upon signing up for Accelerated Profits. So, here are the inclusions: One year Accelerated Profits membership that gets you access to the members-only site and fast-moving stocks recommendations monthly, top five “Ultimate Growth Trades” stock recommendations, two special reports, Project Mastermind trade alerts, and The Project Mastermind weekly issue. The price of Accelerated Profits? Well, Accelerated Profits cost a whopping $1,999 per year. That’s without any refunds too! Again, this is an obvious must-skip program. I warned ya.

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