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Expert ADHD Coaching Review

There are a lot of different niches that have their own professional coaches. As somebody who has recently reviewed an educational institution that actually teaches you how to become an actual coach, it isn’t as surprising anymore. Still, there are a lot of niches that I wouldn’t have realized had their own coaches. A certain niche of professional coaching that has popped up in recent years are coaches for people who have attention deficit disorder or ADHD.

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Expert ADHD Coaching is just one of the many ADHD coaching services that you can find out there online. Personally, I admit that I wasn’t aware that there were coaching services that focus on people with neurodevelopmental disorders. That’s just ignorance on my part. But it’s great that there services like the ones being provided by people like Shanna Pearson and her team of coaches. It’s difficult to try and review a coaching service that has such a niche audience especially this one. People who have this kind of disorder do sometimes struggle to go on their daily lives because of it.

Since this is a relatively niche type of professional coaching, it’s hard to find a lot of reviews about it. Some of what I have seen are largely positive with their experience using it. There were a few negative reviews or ones that find it middling at best. In a very short Reddit thread from two years ago, the original poster was struggling with a lot in her life. What with her pregnancy and just life in general. She had tried previous counselors that specialized in people with ADHD but they weren’t really that helpful.

A quick search for coaches that specializes in ADHD lead her to the website for Shanna Pearson’s company. She felt that this coaching service had the vibes that it would be a scam. While the service does give you a chance to have to get a free 20-minute introductory session with one of the coaches. She was asking in the thread if the cost of a $160 per weekly session or $2,100 for three months’ worth was justifiable.

One person replied that they found out about Expert ADHD Coaching through a suggestion from the authors of a self-help book about ADHD. There weren’t a lot of reviews that were available because of the ones on Trustpilot were really positive. They tried out two sessions with them. But they felt that what they were providing in terms of service from the coaches that they got wasn’t that great. They managed to be a part of a monthly conference call with Shanna. They though she was more knowledgeable than the coaches they got.

While I can’t really vouch for the effectiveness of the service, I do want to talk about the website. It’s really, really outdated. Not outdated in that it was created in the late ’90s. But it’s not up to par with the kinds of websites that you get nowadays. There aren’t really any other parts to website aside from the homepage.

And on that homepage, you get a lot of content about Shanna. I mean, I get that she founded the company. But, man, they should’ve segmented their content a little bit better. I don’t want to scroll and scroll just to keep seeing the founder’s face. I’m glad that you’re proud of your boss. But this is a little bit much.

I’m having trouble recommending this service to anyone who has ADHD. There aren’t really a lot of similar services that are readily available for people to check out. It’s great that the sessions are being conducted digitally from what I understand. But it’s also hard that there is not way to interact with them in more personalized setting. Though I guess there are some who have their own offices. But they don’t advertise it that much.

I think specialized coaching services are great for the people who need them. There should be a lot more of them are as easily accessible like Expert ADHD Coaching. Sometimes, having a semblance of choice is a good thing. If the things that one service aren’t what you were looking for, it’s great to have an alternative to it. It’s hard sometimes to find services like these.

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