Adrian Morrison Shopify Automation Review

Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison previously thought that he would never amount to much more than minimum wage work. Yet here he is now, a successful eCommerce guy standing in front of the backyard of his new crib being built. To him, he’s a living proof that anyone can accomplish anything if they want it badly enough. Same with building a profitable eCommerce store, he’s saying as someone with a Shopify automation offer that if there’s a will (to succeed), there’s a way.

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Who’s Adrian, anyway? Aside from being the sibling of (Mister full of sh*t) Anthony Morrison, he’s also one of the most notable affiliates of Shopify. And no, it’s not just a self-proclaimed label. He really is a notable Shopify guy as the said company prominently displays the man up front, first person on their affiliate program page no less.

Him being a notable affiliate means something to his educational Shopify programs. With his rep, he’s able to work directly with the Shopify team. The team, probably being grateful of Adrian’s help on the marketing side, is being extremely helpful with him in serving his students. Asking what webinars and resources to put up and the likes. They also mention Adrian as “one of the most recognized Shopify Experts in the world” that’s providing “high quality education for merchants.”

The said vouch could be huge itself. However, knowing Adrian’s program, it also could be Shopify being loyal and appreciative to a fault. I’m saying this because I don’t think Adrian’s Shopify training in Ecom Success Academy is worth giving some props for. You don’t give the highest honors to those who only barely pass. I mean, his flagship course for beginners in Shopify dropshipping space is just alright, albeit pricey, but not spectacular. I bet that if he weren’t a successful affiliate for Shopify, the company wouldn’t probably be talking highly of him. Hot take? I don’t think so.

I won’t even lump his Shopify automation offer to his somewhat acceptable flagship course. It’s much worse in many ways, most notably in its pricing. So, what’s the price of Adrian’s Shopify automation, if you’re wondering? Well, the Shopify automation offer cost upwards of $6,000. And I thought $2,995 for his flagship course is already too much.

The implication of it on the flagship course not being enough doesn’t sit well with me either. In the flagship course, you’re promised that everything about dropshipping will be easy-peasy. That you’ll be provided with all the info needed to build a profitable dropshipping store with no prior experience required. But, then, hitting with the Shopify automation upsell, so they’ll do it instead of you.

Adrian Morrison Shopify Automation Review

You sign up for the flagship course so you’re able to build one on your own. That’s the promise. What’s the need for their automation offer, then? I only see this as either of the following: Number one, the flagship course failing to meet its promise which is somehow expected because he’s notorious for recycling old tips and outdated case studies. What worked in 2016 would definitely not work today with the now highly saturated market. Add the lack of support once you get in and it’s a wrap, for sure.

Number two, Adrian is just taking a page out of his brother’s book by dropping all the upsells and affiliate links that he can. Also translates to squeezing their student’s pockets dry at every possible opportunity. It runs in the blood, I dare say. He won’t do it, but I’ll still say it anyway: Cut the “this is your opportunity to leverage my personal team” BS.

To conclude, I wouldn’t recommend Adrian’s Shopify automation offer. Good for him for being a successful affiliate, but that’s about it. I don’t see any solid proof of him having a profitable eCommerce biz unless you count selling a dream in a course. Not only that, there’s no way I’m recommending any program with dropshipping as its business model these days. Again, it’s too saturated at this point and it’ll likely require blood, sweat, and tears, to get something promising going. I understand the usual need to work your ass off to be winning in life, but you can obviously make the work a bit easier by not choosing the inherently stressful and costly dropshipping as your biz.

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