Advanced Dropshipping Academy Review (Chris Wane)

There have been a lot of different platforms that offer courses for everybody who wants to expand their skillsets. It’s great that there are places where you can learn a multitude of different skills all from the comfort of your own home. If you wanted to find courses graphic design, you can find them online. Ditto for almost every skill imaginable. But there are people who would want to learn about running a business. Maybe you watched a video that got you interested to setup your own e-commerce business. But with so many different ways of running an e-commerce, how would you even choose?

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One thing that I often see whenever I watch videos on e-commerce is dropshipping. As somebody who has reviewed a ton of different online courses that focus dropshipping, I sort of understand why this method has been recommended by a ton of different people from AC Hampton of Supreme Ecom to Jacob Levinrad. It makes sense for people who don’t want to worry about the cost of purchasing inventory and maintaining a stockpile. A lot of people who start an e-commerce business from scratch often worry about having to keep track of inventory. So people would choose to utilize dropshipping for their business.

But starting an e-commerce business, especially one that utilizes dropshipping, can be hard for beginners. That’s why Chris Wane started the Advanced Shipping Academy, an online course that focuses on creating a successful dropshipping business. Like I said in the previous paragraph, it’s not a particularly uncommon e-commerce course that is available in the market. A lot of the people who make content about e-commerce online would often be people who found success through dropshipping. I keep mentioning the term but what is it exactly?

Dropshipping is a method where you let a third-party service handle the inventory and shipping of your orders. In a normal e-commerce business, you keep stock of the products that you sell on your storefront. Whenever a customer purchases something, it goes through the usual process. You receive the order, you get the product(s) from your inventory, you pack it, and then you deliver it to your customer. The problem that people face is that it costs money to replenish your inventory. And sometimes, your inventory takes a long time to deplete because nobody’s ordering it.

With dropshipping, you don’t really have to worry about purchasing inventory or handling the delivery. The third-party supplier that you partnered with handles the packing and delivery for you. People still buy through your store. But you don’t have to do that much work except notifying the supplier about the order details. Most of the time, the wholesale price of the product you’re selling is cheaper than what you sell them for in your shop. That’s how you get profit from it. You also have to consider the cost of shipping when you price your products in the shop.

Now that we’ve gotten the e-commerce jargon out of the way. Let’s talk more about Advanced Dropshipping Academy. The online courses costs a one-time fee worth $497, which can be paid in three- or seven-month installments. The course offers lessons in the form of videos. It goes through all of the things you need to know in order to manage an e-commerce business like setting up a business, finding the best products to sell and suppliers that have those products, advertising your business through different ad platforms.

It’s a fairly quick course. But once you’ve paid for it, you get lifetime access to the course materials. There are also a ton of bonuses included in the Advanced Dropshipping Academy course including tools to help you calculate the best prices for your products. They mention that there will also be other offers popping up every now and then. The best part, I guess, is that you also get access to a private Facebook group where you and your fellow students can talk about your strategies. Chris and his team also provide advice and tips through that Facebook group. Chris also does a mentorship program that costs thousands of dollars.

I can’t really recommend the course to anyone, mainly because of its price. I understand that there are costs involved in maintaining a website and using a third-party service. But there are actually a lot of free resources about setting up a dropshipping available online. Even Shopify, the e-commerce platform that you will likely use to host your business’s storefront has free courses and webinars about dropshipping.

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