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Digital Advantage REI Review (Anthony Morrison)

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison has been an internet marketer for years. He’s doing the usual internet marketer stuff until he realizes he can do so much more. This time, he takes his marketing knowledge, his so-called digital advantage, and applies it to real estate. The end result are strategies that give “completely unfair advantage” when used on very specific real estate assets. And guess what, Anthony is willing to share it on his Digital Advantage REI program. Read on for my review.

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Long term wealth creation through smart and proper investments is essentially what Anthony promises on Digital Advantage REI. If you want some numbers, he did mention getting at least 30% returns on real estate investments (or REI for short) without it becoming a full time job. Want “moar” deets? Onto his sales pitch, we go.

Waiting for deal alerts is not his thang, he mentions first and foremost. Not when you’re not the only one anticipating it, but thousand others too. He’d rather look for the worst deals and turn them into winning deals (Magic? No, it’s digital advantage bitch) rather than fight for two or few good deals ala Hunger Games style.

In addition, he’s also not fine with middlemen decreasing his (profit) margin. They could be really useful, like the We Buy Houses website he mentions himself. But he sees no reason paying a premium for them when you can cut them out if you learn this one simple skill (surprised he didn’t mention how middlemen hate him for this, pfft). Again, digital advantage bitch.

For a quick disclaimer, he admits that he’s not the most successful real investor on the planet. “I’m an internet marketer,” says him. Yes, you are Anthony. I know that fact damn well. Then, he continues “But I realized quickly that some basic internet marketing skills gave me an unfair advantage in the real estate industry.” 

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a seasoned investor or someone who’s still trying to get their feet wet in real estate. Learn this one simple skill, period. Which is, of course, his way of saying to pay for his coaching in the Digital Advantage REI program. Not a problem, BTW. It’s a sales pitch, after all.

To continue, he explains his don’ts: “I don’t wanna flip houses, I don’t wanna get my hands dirty, I don’t wanna spend a lot of time looking for deals.” In contrast, what he wants is something completely different, something hands-free, simple, and not time-consuming. He named three that fit the bill: Self-storage facility, vacation rentals, and strip centers (commercial real estate).

He picked those because he knows he can leverage his marketing skills on making it work. For example, he’s able to beat the wealthy REIT peeps in securing a self-storage facility by bidding a little bit more than them. To them, it’s too steep of a deal that they’re not willing to make. To him, it’s a worthy one because he can halve the time it takes for the said facility to be cash flow positive with marketing.

Digital Advantage REI Review

The facility is not on the main road nor is well taken care of before. Yet he’s able to turn it from around $6k monthly income to now $20k. Again, there’s nothing special, nothing great about it. “It’s not like we’re building the Taj Mahal here… We’re winning because we know how to market it,” he adds.

If you want to be in the space for these three, Anthony urges y’all again to learn how to have digital advantage. Learn how to accelerate the timeline for self-storage facilities to become cash flow positive, how to take advantage of pre-construction discounts on vacation rentals, and how to lease your strip centers before they were even built. Get out of your old school mentality, pay him north of $10k (plus more in upsells, probably), and join his Digital Advantage REI. And you know what, I say don’t.

I must admit, Anthony is one hell of an internet marketer. Saying all those words we wanna hear as if he can read our minds. However, it doesn’t matter if his promises here are music to the ears when he’s notorious for not delivering on ‘em. There’s a reason he’s banned on ClickBank, he got too many refund requests from people who realized that he’s all talk and nothing else. Seriously, no need to try his sh*t out to learn a very, very expensive lesson. You’ve been warned.

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