Commercial Property Advisors Review (Peter Harris’ Protégé Program)

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Peter Harris first asks if you want to be a successful commercial real estate investor. If you do, then he’d like to invite you to his protégé program, which he called the Commercial Property Advisors. It claims to have the best team of advisors which will be providing up-to-date, accurate, and easily understandable instruction regarding real estate investing you’ll find anywhere. Pretty bold claim there. But is he even qualified to be a real estate guru? How does his program work? How much does it cost? And finally, should you even give it a go? All will be answered in this Commercial Property Advisors review.

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As it turns out, Peter Harris has a rather impressive résumé to show off when it comes to his real estate achievements and credentials. He has successfully acquired more than 1,000 residential apartment units in the United States. His investments are worth $20 million in value. And even before he took the real estate part, he was working as an engineer for 16 years As for his mentors, he claims that the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump has mentored him in the past. Without them, he won’t be where he is today. And now, he wants to help others to achieve the level of success that he did.

The reason why Peter decided to teach commercial real estate investing is because it has made a tremendous impact on his life. He used to work as an engineer, but resigned as he wanted to focus on his financial future for the long-term. Another real estate mentor has helped him get started and that was when he realized that he could make more money here than being an engineer. From then on, since 2003, e has mentored hundreds of real estate investors personally. He has also developed numerous educational materials, and has served as an advisor of different well-known firms.

But before you go ahead and join Peter Harris’ protégé program, he recommends that you start your learning process by reading a book titled Commercial Real Estate for Beginners, also authored by Peter Harris. The book will tell you about the basics you need to know about real estate investing, why it’s a recommended method for making money, what possible obstacles that you may deal with, which types of properties are recommended for newcomers, and how to analyze deals and make good investing decisions. It’s claimed that this is an Amazon best-seller. Essentially, if you don’t know anything about the real estate industry, then this book is a good gateway.

Peter Harris also offers a free online course that you can take if you’re a newbie and want to learn more about real estate. And unlike other free online course of the same niche being offered, this one is actually more comprehensive than what I expected. The course is entirely in video format, and is 10 hours long in total. Of course, you have the choice to replay them again and again to master the course. And it covers a wide variety of real estate topics you need to know. Such as developing the right mindset, determining for yourself if real estate investing is a suitable venture for you, how to invest during a crisis, formulating a retirement plan, and how you can earn passive income by investing in real estate.

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Of course, once you’ve decided for yourself that you want to be mentored by Peter Harris himself, you’ll then be given the option to sign up. He first tells you to fill out a simple form on his website if you think you’ve got what it takes. After doing so, someone on Peter’s team will be in touch. You’ll have a phone call or two to see if you’re a good fit. If so, they’ll try to sell you into the Commercial Property Advisors.

So how much does it cost? Some sources say that the price for joining the Commercial Property Advisors can range from $10,000 to $20,000. Which is already expensive. And I get it. Peter Harris is a big name already, so it’s a bit understandable. However, there’s also a $197 per month fee for tools and software. Finally, as part of the deal, you’re require to split your profits 50/50 to Peter Harris everytime you close a deal. All of these costs, and you’re also expected to pay for your own for leads, marketing, and advertising.

All of these costs combined makes the Commercial Property Advisors protégé program a very expensive undertaking. So much, that in my own opinion, it’s kind of unfair. The $20,000 enrollment fee is already steep, but the 50/50 profit split makes it almost unforgivable. Well, Peter Harris is a well-known name, all of this may make some sense. But it’s not a program for anyone, and while Peter Harris’ reputation may mitigate some of your worries, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll be as successful as him once you enroll in his program. In fact, it could be that Peter Harris is the only one getting rich from all of this. He’s a legitimate and overall good guy, though.

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