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Agency Mastery Academy Review (Jeff Baxter)

Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter suggests that business owners will always need more leads. However, they usually don’t have the time nor expertise to get those leads by themselves. This is where you come in as a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) if you sign up for Jeff’s Agency Mastery Academy. You get them the leads through running paid ads for them while the biz focuses on what they do best. They’ll get sales while you’ll get money from them for your service, win-win. Scroll below for more info.

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Unsurprisingly, Agency Mastery Academy is a program that’ll teach you how to start your very own SMMA. From the site, they claim to be the “#1 platform to start and grow your own SMMA.” And that’s about it. There goes your only indication of being a SMMA training platform.

Just look when you click the “learn more” button. Instead of explaining what you’ll get on the other side of Agency Mastery Academy, you’ll get some nonsense story from Jeff himself. Seriously, it’s 99% talking about some chicken farms that he had before advertising, then the remaining 1% is just some mental gymnastics to relate the said farms to him being able to start an advertising agency. Huh?

I just can’t help but call out the 99% part too. Smells like loads of BS. What’s the purpose of this, anyway? Is this some lame attempt of Jeff to showcase his advertising prowess by creating a make-up story, albeit lame and very fake? First of all, I don’t buy the snake appearing outta nowhere and swallowing one of his chicken’s eggs instead of eating a chicken itself. In a coop full of fifty something chickens, ain’t no way a carnivore snake decides to be a motherf*cking vegan. Not in a place full of fresh meat just because the egg is THAT good.

What’s with the use of a shotgun too? Is he appealing to, ehem, a certain demographic in ‘Murica while being a POC man himself? Trying to appeal to vegans too by saying how life-changing it is to eat organic food for the very first time. The shenanigans with the snake? Doesn’t matter, let’s proceed with a goldfish memory since eating the egg swallowed by the snake itself is all that matters. And all of this is where he gets his so-called “entrepreneurial bug” that remained in him despite losing interest with the chickens. This is pure “and then everyone clapped” moment, just ridiculous.

To put the cherry on top, Jeff only explained the relevance of this BS to his SMMA offer in exactly three sentences. Long story short, he stumbled upon advertising after some time, got good with it, and now he’s sharing his skillset on Agency Mastery Academy… that’s basically the point. He got a point alright, it’s just pointless.

Agency Mastery Academy Review

Enough with the bullsh*tting, let me spill some info about his course that I found somewhere else and not on the program’s official site. The core course contains five main modules and one bonus content. The title of the modules plus the bonus are as follows: Business Foundation, How To Setup Your Client Acquisition Sales Funnel, How To Attract Clients For Your Agency Without Spending A Penny, All About Facebook Ads, How To Outsource Your Business, and Business Funding Secrets.

Aside from the core course, you’ll also receive DFY templates for client acquisition and twice a week live Q and A calls with Jeff or another “certified” success coach (they’re only a four-man team, though). The price of Agency Mastery Academy? No written indication on the site for this nor a button to schedule a call too, but I’ve seen a report somewhere that says Agency Mastery Academy would cost you around $1,500 or more.

Obviously, I’ll say hell to the f*cking NO to Jeff’s program. There’s just not enough social proof plus info on the site for me to recommend this. Hell, the only verified Trustpilot page by Jeff is his past biz, a reiteration of the program I’m reviewing right now I should say, called Consulting Mastery Academy. Not only that the said page of his past biz has a pathetic number of reviews (that’s also devoid of substance too, not really that different with no-review Agency Mastery Academy), but also the implied name switcheroo is just so obviously done to ride the hype of building your own agency like SMMA. Thank you, next!

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