Modern Agent Mastery Review (Grant Wise)

Grant Wise

Grant Wise believes that most real estate agents have no idea how to do marketing despite its importance in generating leads. This is the reason he created Modern Agent Mastery program to equip the said agents with necessary tools and skills to do marketing on Facebook. He mentions in a video that his students claim that his program is the best Facebook ad training on the internet, and he was able to show them how to close one transaction for every $100 spent on Facebook ads. Is there any truth behind these claims? Find out by reading the Modern Agent Mastery review below.

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Modern Agent Mastery is an internet coaching program that focuses on Facebook Ads to generate leads for real estate agents. It contains information relevant to setting up an effective Facebook ad such as social proof marketing, leads strategy, video marketing, converting online leads, and the social listing method. It was founded by Grant Wise, a serial entrepreneur who claims to be an innovative marketing strategist.

The information and strategies are discussed in lecture videos that is under thematic modules. The modules in the program are titled as follows :Getting Started, Witly, Facebook Essentials, Home List Engagement, Home List Lead Ad, Measure and Report, Retargeting: Your Most Powerful Tool, Converting Leads, Social Listing Method Appointment Campaign, Get Organized, Open Door Strategy, Fish In A Barrel, Motivated Seller Appointments, The Homebuyer’s Quiz, Social Listing Method, Assets in Ad Manager, The Facebook Plan Tab, Facebook Ad Objectives, Next Steps, Appendix: Hot Seat, and Appendix: White Board Discussions With Andrew.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no course titled Modern Agent Mastery in their site anymore. Regardless, the cost of the program is not clearly stated in their site before. Even a video on their YouTube titled “Modern Agent Mastery Cost” does not include the actual cost of the program and only mentioned that “Modern Agent Mastery isn’t cheap… It’s coaching, and it’ll run you several grand.”  However, the price is approximately $1,986 since there is a very similar course called Willionaire Training that is likely a rebranded version of Modern Agent Mastery. Still, being so obvious of hiding the price purposely before is such a red flag.

To add, the contents of the program is not comprehensive enough to warrant a thousand dollars of payment. In fact, most of the topics discussed in the program can be found online for free. The video lectures are also very short, usually less than 10 minutes. They justify the length of the video by saying it is easy to digest and just copy and pasting what is on the screen. However, a program that claims to be a “coaching” type should explain each topic more thoroughly in a step-by-step manner. They could also just switch to a done for you template instead of a video format.

Modern Agent Mastery Review

The “coaching” part of the program is done through a chat support on the program’s training materials. The said service is not bad but to call it as “coaching” is not acceptable. Worst, there is no mention of live calls and mentoring sessions. They do offer to fix your Facebook ads if you got problems with it, but it is more of a done for you service, not coaching.

The reviews of the program are also quite concerning. Most of the reviews are just posted in Grant’s own YouTube channel. Outside of YouTube are few but very detailed negative feedback on the program. The contents of the program not being comprehensive and informative enough are criticized in the said reviews since the program comes with a hefty price tag. Grant’s online presence is also critiqued since his videos are “too boring and unreadable.”

It is also important to note that Facebook ads is not the most recommended way to advertise online. Due to COVID-19, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) in Facebook is dramatically increasing. It also has a steep learning curve since they change the algorithm frequently without prior notice. It is better to start off with organic traffic providers such as Google SEO since it is free and accounts for 99.77% of top blogs and websites.

There is no sufficient evidence that Modern Agent Mastery (or its likely rebranded counterpart) is a scam. However, it is not worth your money at all. The program has very limited content and barely a “coaching” program, but is priced at a premium. It is also better to start looking for organic traffic first like Google SEO before delving in paid traffic. I do not agree at all to Grant’s students, his program is not the best Facebook ad training for sure.

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