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Aleric Heck knows that having a YouTube channel nowadays is a must for every business. After all, YouTube now has over two billion active users worldwide (and still counting), and each user spends almost ten hours or more watching videos. Furthermore, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine right now on Alexa rankings, only coming up short behind Google. Aleric claims that he can help you capitalize on the huge userbase on YouTube in order to give you a wider audience reach, get more leads, and eventually, revenue that can go as much as several thousands of dollars per month.

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Aleric Heck is a well-known YouTube, similar to others like Biaheza, etc. He’s well-known as the owner of two successful YouTube channels, AppFind and AppPlay. Both of these channels currently have several thousands of followers, and these channels are still active even now. As a matter of fact, some of his YouTube videos are still known to be very popular and are receiving several videos, despite being made a few years ago. One example of this is his iPhone 12 beginner’s guide. It’s gotten over a million views and made him a total of $22,000 in revenue, more or less. And the best part of it is that he made that video just a few years ago, hasn’t looked at it ever since, and still manages to generate around $100-$200 in revenue per day.

Can you imagine that? From just a single YouTube video, he’s already earning thousands of dollars. Another example of this is Aleric’s Apple Watch overview video. It was made more or less six years ago, and it’s still making him $15 a day. And he has plenty of other videos of the same nature as this one, So even if they’re not generating the same amount as his other videos, the fact is, it still adds up to his total YouTube income. But that’s not the only way how Aleric earns his money through YouTube.

On the video descriptions, you can also add affiliate links to any product that you’re offering. For example, you can place an affiliate link for the products that you’re demoing or reviewing. The commissions that you can earn when one of your viewers buys a product using an affiliate link can also add up to the money you earn on YouTube. You can also sell your own products or services as well. Some YouTubers sell online courses and coaching (like Aleric himself), T-shirts, supplements, services, as long as it can be sold online, it’s valid. There are also brand deals, sponsorships, influencer marketing, JV deals, etc.

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As you can see, there are basically an infinite number of ways how you can earn a lot of money on YouTube, but it all starts with your mindset and method on how you’re going to get it done. Aleric suggests that, for starters, you treat your YouTube channel as a business, instead of a hobby. Well, you can do something crazy, record it on video, post it on YouTube, and hope it goes viral. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are basically almost one-in-a-million. Therefore, you need to put a plan for your YouTube channel first.

Who is your ideal subscriber? What problem are you addressing for them? What’s your solution? What makes you unique? What are similar channels doing? What is your call to action? How can you profit off of your views in a way that benefits both parties? It may be a lot of questions, but you need to answer all of them in order for you to have a stable plan. Once you’ve answered them all, Aleric then recommends that you start mapping out your YouTube strategy. For Aleric, he gives his students a 90-day, 5×5 content template that helps them come up with 25 video ideas to get things going.

Once you’ve set up your YouTube channel and built some content in it, you then need to have your channel get high ranks in YouTube’s search results, and even suggested videos. You can use paid ads to achieve this, especially if you’re just starting out. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover that almost everything that you place in your YouTube video can count towards your SEO. These include the title of the video, the description, the keywords you use, your Views and Likes counts, even your uploaded thumbnails.

All of these, and more, are taught by Aleric Heck through his AdOutreach training program. Similar to most high-ticket marketing programs of the same nature, the price of AdOutreach won’t be initially revealed to you, unless you book a call with them. Most sources claim that AdOutreach can cost $3,000, or even more. And it only gets a bit higher from here on out. With over 11 years of experience in the YouTube platform itself, over 6 years using YouTube ads successfully, and even a ClickFunnels Two Comma Club membership, Aleric is certainly the real deal when it comes to YouTube marketing. But it’s understandable that not everyone is actually comfortable facing the camera and making a video of themselves, even for business reasons. In this case, why don’t you try out the business model that has made us a good amount of money even when working at home, behind a computer? Click below to learn more.

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