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Alex Hormozi is a very imposing figure. At least that was my first impression when I saw pictures of him while I was researching for this review. Seriously. Look at the photo I posted above. I feel like the guy could crush me instantly. Still, I was interested to learn more about him. How did he manage to reach that kind of net worth? Well, in this review, we will find out.

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When I came across Alex Hormozi’s YouTube channel while I was doing the usual rabbit hole jump, I was very interested in what he had to say. I usually don’t often reach the life coach side of YouTube that often. It probably happens every so often I turn on auto-play. What can I say? I like to have background noise whenever I write.

Still, you might get intimidated by Alex solely on his looks. How can you? The guy is freaking built like a truck. When you start a gym business, like he did in 2013, you might as well look the part. How could your customers believe that you’re running a successful business that’s modeled around people being fit and healthy if you’re not doing the same?

If you just search for his name on the platform, you are bound to see a lot of videos emphasizing his net worth of $100,000,000. In this day and age, that kind of amount feels like chump change, considering that there are a lot more well-known people that have a net worth going upwards of a billion dollars. Still, a hundred million isn’t something to laugh at. Especially if, in Alex Hormozi’s case, you manage to reach that kind of net worth in just four years.

Alex Hormozi’s journey to reaching that kind of net worth started when he first launched his own gym. Gym businesses, especially brick and mortar ones, aren’t particularly very profitable. You may get your regulars here and there. But you have get more people to partake in your business to make it profitable. Businesses have its own ups and downs. But that didn’t stop Alex from sticking with it. And within three years, he expanded that business to six locations.

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Because of his success with the expansion—and six locations within three years for a smaller business is no small feat—a lot more similar brick and mortar businesses wanted to find out how to achieve the kind of success Alex Hormozi had with his. And with that, Alex decided to sell his locations in order to move into helping other businesses succeed. Thus, Gym Launch was launched. During that period, he also met the person who he would then marry, Leila.

With the success of Gym Launch, Alex then founded Prestige Labs in 2019, a company that mainly provides nutritional supplements. You have got to give it up to him for being consistent to who his main audience is. The supplements act as a supplement for the gym owners to earn more in the long run.

Most of his business ventures so far have been within the same industry. It’s actually a point he made in one of his videos. Be annoyingly good at what you’re already doing. And with both Gym Launch and Prestige Labs doing well for itself, he decided to sell two-thirds of the stakes for those businesses to an outside firm. In that same year, he founded Acquisition, a company that helps small-scale businesses reach their potential.

I could kind of see why he has received the success that he has now. If you believe in what you are doing, you can succeed in the long run. And he is proof of that. Sometimes, success can be achieved with the right mindset. Running a business is never an easy thing to do. You will run across challenges and lose a lot of money. But you also need to find what the problem is and solve it with whatever resources you still have. Hopefully it will work out like it did for Alex.

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