Algo Online Retail Course Review (Tim Hellbusch)

Tim Hellbusch

Algo Online Retail prides itself for teaching how to build an Amazon biz the right way. Weird flex, but okay. I’ll let this one pass because a lot of courses can’t do the bare f*cking minimum and just let their students get bonked with a ban hammer from suggesting exploits and shady practices. That aside, let’s hear from Algo’s lead instructor Tim Hellbusch on what he thinks about online retail and making money on Amazon.

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Tim opens up with the company’s signature “welcome Amazon business owners and soon-to-be Amazon business owners, Tim with Algo Online Retail.” Right after that and a few more pleasantries, he didn’t waste any more time and straight up spit some fire – that bank investment sucks. Saying it right in front of a bank too. What a Chad. I have nothing against banks, but I agree with no-chill Tim here. It’s decent for everything involving money except building wealth. A hundred bucks returns on a ten grand for 12 long months won’t cut it as a good ‘ol business.

How about the stock market, then? Tim finds it alright, or “mid” in terms of young fellas vocab, with its usual 10% returns. Same sentiment on real estate. But obviously, he’s not here to talk about that. He’s all about the online retailing space. Citing Amazon’s Jeffrey Bezos, Tim claims that online retail is where billionaires have made their billions “with the B.” Cue the song “CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1964, Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos….”

What do you expect, Algo Online Retail Course is about, well, online retail, Amazon FBA in particular. It’s a no-brainer that their lead instructor would rave about what he’s preaching. Regardless, he keeps his composure all throughout the video. Not getting carried away and hyping their sh*t to death. Specifically, he reminds everyone that the opportunity isn’t guaranteed to make you a billionaire, but it has the potential to make great returns on your capital. And to wrap things up, he points toward clicking the link to their course below to know more. About that….

Unlike other Amazon FBA courses, Algo Online Retail uses something that is simple and proven, or so they say. Instead of using strategies such as private label and retail arbitrage, Algo Online Retail sticks to sourcing brand name products from US-based suppliers, then selling them online via Amazon FBA. They dub it as “The ALGO™ Strategy.”

Algo Online Retail Course Review

I, for one, gotta commend them for taking advantage of American’s usual boner for everything ‘Murica. That is some big balls advice knowing that Amazon sellers usually thrive off flipping products from Alibaba, Aliexpress, or anything made by China. I don’t think that’s necessarily good for its students given how tight the profit margins here, but it’s already tight like a motherf*ckin’ virgin for everyone else so… something that doesn’t support sweatshops in China is better for me, I guess.

So, is this a yes from me? F*ck no, absolutely not. What happened above is me picking what’s lesser between two evils. In the end, I won’t settle with any. In short, I’m still not down on anything Amazon FBA. It’s costly, time-consuming, and the market is just too saturated at this point. T’is not the time to start a biz there. No more easy money, just suffering and pain… Alright, alright! That’s a little extreme, I admit. The more appropriate description would be the chances of operating at a net loss here is much higher than earning money. I don’t want to be a part of something risky like that and neither should you.

Besides, the course is too pricey for something without mentorship – no one-on-one coaching or group calls at the very least. Specifically, Algo Online Retail Course cost a one time payment of $1,997 or five monthly payments of $397. That price for a twenty-hour web class plus bonuses such as 24/7 email support (no, this is not mentorship), access to resource library, list of all updated tools that you need, and vetting suppliers training. Taking out all the fluff, you’re basically paying almost two grand for just a 20-hour web class. Not worth it, IMHO. Save up your money and choose a more affordable course. Most importantly, skip everything Amazon FBA and choose something else.

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