Alicia Etheredge Net Worth

Sometimes there are personalities who become know because of a single thing. In the music industry, they call artists who become know for one song and nothing else “one-hit wonders.” The concept for it is similar but I don’t think that “one-hit wonder” is the right term for it. What I meant to say is that people associate a person for whatever it is that they are involved in. If you are known as the guy who eats hotdogs every day, people might call you “Hotdog Dan” or something. There is that one moment in your life that will define you.

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Perhaps, being associated with a certain person gives them notoriety. Affairs sort of lead to that kind of stuff sometimes. It’s hard to live down an embarrassing moment because that is the thing that people remember you for. Maybe you were a very popular part of a television show or a movie that they grew up watching. It’s hard to be anybody else to that person except the one that they have associated with you it. It could probably be due to it being the most pivotal moment of your career.

The things that I wrote in the previous paragraphs don’t really relate to what I am actually writing about. I just wanted to put my thoughts into writing before I forget about it. The point I was getting to in those previous paragraphs is that there will be a moment in your life that will define you in other people’s eyes. I feel like I said that exact same thing in one of the sentences. It just felt right to reiterate the point. What I am actually writing about is something that has to do with Alicia Etheregde.

I didn’t really know about Alicia Etheredge prior to this. It may seem like a familiar way to open a paragraph. And that’s because it is. I have written it so many times that it has become sort of a catchphrase in a way. But it’s still pretty much a true statement. The other people that are related to her story are somebody who I vaguely know of. Sometimes it just takes one reference to make it all click together.

There isn’t really that much information that I could find out about Alicia Etheredge. Her story basically begins when she was just a teenager. She met Bobby Brown at a dance studio when Bobby was starting his career as a solo artist. The two hit it off and immediately became friends. They seem to have stayed in touch despite Bobby having a career. Fast forward a few years when Bobby was about to marry fellow singer Whitney Houston.

Apparently, Alicia was invited by Bobby to attend their wedding. Alicia mentions in an interview that she was the one who convinced him to marry Whitney when he was having cold feet on his wedding day. It seems that she was the only person that Bobby was willing to listen to that day. Eventually Bobby and Whitney tied the know. It’s a whole other thing with regards to Bobby and Whitney’s relationship. After almost two decades together, they split up.

At that point Bobby was pretty much single. So I guess feelings between each other sort of blossomed. Considering that Alicia was with Bobby a lot since she was his manager, it made some kind of sense for them develop feelings for each other. About a year after her signing on to become his manager, the two of them welcomed a baby boy to the world named Cassius. A year after that, they got engaged.

In 2012, Alicia and Bobby tied the knot. There’s not much else to the story after that. They welcome two other children after that. And Alicia still serves as Bobby’s manager. Beyond that, not much else has happened. Though she did however start a hair care line with her sister Kim not too long ago. At that time, Alicia had earned a net worth of about $3,500,000. It seems that Bobby and Alicia balance each other out. Though I guess years worth of friendship definitely helps ground a romantic relationship like that. Knowing how they are for years makes you more used to them.

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