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Alison Prince Review

Alison Prince

Alison Prince suggests that by following her method in The 0-100k System course, you can make $20k sales within a month using a single product. She did it before, even started in eCommerce with making something out of leftover craft supplies, so she believes that you can do it too. Heck, even her 10 and 13 year old girls did some crazy numbers too, $100k sales 9 months after starting to be exact, with only $200 capital and her method. That’s  what she said. Read my review below to know more about her.

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Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about the figures that Alison is fond of flexing. I do know that having sales like that, not profit, is doable. But minors, literal children of Alison, doing it on their own is something I couldn’t wrap my head upon. It’s the centerpiece of Alison’s pitch with her often saying “if they can do it – what’s stopping you?”

Let me tell you two things that’s stopping me from considering her course right off the bat. One is the ridiculous claims on sales without mention of the actual profit. Two, I don’t have a mom with a clout remotely  close to Alison that’ll carry hard the marketing of my products.

‘Nyway, she’s not that bad like the usual eCommerce gurus. There’s no promise of owning several lambos or fancy mansions here. It’s just straight up having the opportunity of spending more time with your family rather than working a time-consuming 9-5 job. Not my bet as I don’t see myself as a stay-at-home mom but whatever, spawning four munchkins (like Alison) will do that to ya.

Speaking of appealing to stay-at-home moms, Alison’s marketing is full of heart tugging spiel that involves family. According to her, what she does is not all about making more money in the bank for herself, but more on “providing the future for our family we’ve always dreamed about.” And her story isn’t just about what she did and instead, it’s about why she did it. “It’s about my family,” she emphasized. Not surprising that most of her students are (married) women as she’s hooking ‘em up with the family bait.

A lil bit of MLM vibes here but nope, Alison’s business model is about eCommerce and not MLM. All the biz associated with her, from How Does She dot com to 0-100k System, are all related to eCommerce. That’s what I like about her BTW, she’s practicing what she preaches and has an eCommerce shop (the mentioned How Does She site) that’s still up and running today. And she’s not hiding it like other eCommerce mentors who show nothing but cherry-picked screenshots. Y’know, the type of receipts where you can easily photoshopped the figures just like what Kevin David did (and got caught because dumbass knows nothing about commas) before.

Even the site she owned before named Pick Your Plum dot com is a daily deals site connected to her eCommerce strategy. In fact, her course was dubbed before as a funnel to this site before she let it go.

Alison Prince Review

So, what’s her strategy, then? The gist of it is starting small as you’ll be the one handling the inventory and packing of products before shipping. Instead of selling on Amazon, you’ll be encouraged to put ‘em up on daily deals sites such as her previously owned site. This way, you can charge for more and have a significantly larger profit margin to work with. Selling on Shopify and Etsy are also approved by her although there’s no tutorial on her course on how to create your stores there. And oh, she only talks about promotion without spending on ads aka no training on any types of ads if you ever need to set up one.

From the looks of it, the business model would be time-consuming unless you hire someone to do all the processing of orders (costly af). Or maybe, if you’re not making sales and in turn, not processing orders at all. I wouldn’t call this biz a way to spend more time with your fam as she claims. Also, this is too much of a gamble to take as you have to buy your inventory beforehand.

Not having any lessons on setting up ads on a $997 course is also criminal. Again, not everyone has the clout  that she has to sell that easily. Launching an effective ad campaign is a must for any eCommerce shops owned by regular no-name sellers to gain traction.

Finally, I’m not inclined to recommend her with the past issues she had in handling Pick Your Plum dot com. The reviews are overwhelmingly negative until the site switches up management. Worse than “no love lost” as buyers and sellers there are more than thankful that Alison is out of the picture.

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