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Local commercials are often interesting to watch. Because they are local, they are targeted towards people who live in the area that they aired the commercial in. There’s so many different businesses that pay money to promote themselves on television. And the local television stations take that money and air the commercials. Depending on the business, the amount of effort on the production will vary. It doesn’t really matter though. As long as they get people to patronize their services, that’s all that matters.

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One of the more frequent commercials that get aired in local stations are for law firms. Most of the time, there’s a specific reason why these law firms produce commercials that then get airtime. In the age of the internet, it’s so easy to find law firms. Seriously, there’s a good chance that you could find a decent one that’s near you right now. But it’s easier to get people interested in your service if you air ads on television. While broadcast networks don’t really get the kind of numbers that it did decades ago, there’s still a lot of people who watch TV at home. And often they’re the ones who see these commercials.

The thing about lawyers is that it is difficult to find anything about them online with regards to their personal lives. I mean, it’s not unusual for people who aren’t celebrities to not have their details available online. Even people who became famous primarily online don’t really give out too much information about themselves on the internet. Because people might stalk them. You kind of get some information about their personal lives from time to time. But I’m not expecting people who aren’t exactly at the level of fame as people you see in movies to be forthcoming about their personal lives.

Still, there are some details about Allen Rothenberg that are available on the official website of his law firm and in some articles from local papers. Allen Rothenberg has been involved in the world of law for about fifty years. He started his firm in 1969. He studied in college and law school at Temple University in Philadelphia. Pretty much his entire life has been devoted to law. Or specifically, personal injury law.

Honestly, I don’t really know much about personal injury. But considering that people have a likelihood to get yourself injured near commercial spaces and whatnot, people who represent people who have justifiable cause to sue a business or another person for an injury they suffered seem to make sense for me. It’s just really hard to write about a person whose expertise isn’t really easy to talk about in simple terms. I still have a hard time writing about sports personalities because I don’t often watch enough sports to know about specific terminology for all them.

There isn’t really much else that could be talked about Allen Rothenberg, Esq. besides his career as a personal injury lawyer. He has spent most of his life helping out people be compensated for the injuries they suffered through a commercial space or their workplace. He has become such a big name in the Philadelphia area that the mere mention of his name in something like a play could elicit positive reactions from the audience. When you get to that level of notoriety, you must have done something right.

Aside from running his own law firm, he also serves or has served as the president of the National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs or COLPA for more than twenty years. During his time with COLPA, he has been involved in a lot of cases about workplace discrimination with regards to religious freedom. His work has helped shape actual legislation for people who want to practice their faith in the workplace without any harm.

It’s no wonder that Allen Rothenberg has managed to earn a net worth of about $35,000,000 for his work as a personal injury attorney. Aside from him, most his family are part of the law firm including his wife Barbara and some of their children. Out of the eight of their children, seven of them went on to become attorneys while one is a pediatric nurse. It seems that six of them might be working at law firm with Allen and Barbara.

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