Automation Alliance Reviews (Nick Mocuta)

Nick Mocuta

Automation Alliance is a DFY Walmart Automation founded by Nick Mocuta under Neptune Management. It is like your normal dropshipping biz but in Walmart and automated – everything is done for you by Nick and his team from opening your Walmart account up to its day-to-day operation. All you must do is provide at least thirty-five grand upfront to get started. Hearing dropshipping and the ridiculous cost required, I can only say “no, thank you.” Scroll down to the review below to know more about why you should say no to this too.

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But first, let us talk about what Nick’s Walmart Automation Alliance has to offer. We fill in the blanks first with whatever’s between the start and end, which is mentioned earlier as setting up your Walmart account for the start and daily operations for the end. Aside that, Nick and his team will manage your inventory, process orders and returns, provide order tracking, analyze market trends to identify trending products, and provide customer support. Basically, they’ll provide everything except the cost needed upfront plus your credit line.

Personally, I would already say no to someone posting pics with nothing but thirty plus redundant hashtags as caption. Yep, that is your guy Nick right here. Where he’s traveling is nothing but spectacular, some critically acclaimed destinations and listed as one of the seven wonders of the world even. Somehow, Nick spoiled it by saying nothing but hashtags. Too many of them such as this:

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Nick Mocuta on Instagram Post (Chichen Itza – Ruinas Mayas – Mexico)

His weird Instagram captions aside, I just won’t recommend a program that takes the negatives out of Michael Walding’s NXTLVL Services and Alexander Olave’s AO Elite and combined it into one program. Best of both worlds but opposite.

Just like Michaels’, this program doesn’t include any plans on advertising and marketing campaign. Walmart might be less saturated than other platforms like Amazon and Shopify, but it’s still a requirement to run your ads if you don’t have any established brand to start.

On the other hand, his similarity to Alexander starts with not being transparent at the pricing. A little bird told me though that it’s around $35,000 to start in Automation Alliance. This is like Alexander’s required payment upfront too.

To add, Nick and Alexander are also similar in their platform choice which is Walmart. If you think Walmart is better than Amazon because of its less saturation, then you’re just wrong. Both are quite problematic TBH but in different terms. In Walmart, what’s concerning is how slow its eCommerce growth compared to Amazon. It’s newer but the quarter growth is much smaller at 7% compared to Amazon’s 22%. Can they ever catch up with Amazon regarding eCommerce? No one knows but the future of them surpassing, or even just getting close to what’s Amazon is today, is very slim. That’s why just having your store there is already a huge risk.

What’s riskier is Walmart being notorious of closing whatever they deem as already “done and nothing of use to them” without notice. This is what they did to their concierge service in Jetblack, there’s no stopping them from doing the same to their eCommerce platform. If they go down, all the things paid by you in their store go down as well.

Automation Alliance Reviews

The unifying characteristic of all these programs, however, is the chance of them taking advantage of you and only consider their own interests. This is probably the most important reason why I don’t recommend Nick’s program. You still need to have some knowledge of your biz or you’re just exposing yourself to being exploited. I have no intentions to victim-blame here, but I rather advise to be safe than sorry.

There are two levels to this. One is them using your money and credit line to start a somewhat decent store but with operations that only considers their own interest. After the store runs its course and/or they already manage to get their target profit from you, they’ll probably move on and leave your store to bite the dust.

What’s worst is the second level. You know, the possibility of them just being interested in the payment you’ll provide upfront and nothing else. They’ll be like “Oopsie, the store we built seemingly out of our asses is dogsh*t” but they still take your entire thirty something grand anyway because they somehow deserve it (they really don’t).

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