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Amare Global Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Mental Illness has been so widely used that it feels like a cliché to me. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t joke around with this kind of topic. Many people have difficulty staying mentally well due to circumstances in their daily lives. Not all of us are served with a silver platter. Amare just took one for all of us and decided to make mental wellness and nutritional products.

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Amare Global is The Mental Wellness Company founded in 2016 by Hiep Tran and Dr. Shawn Talbott. They trademark the term “The Mental Wellness” company before anyone was talking about mental health or mental wellness, so they say. “When the time was right, people would want alternative healthier solutions to mental wellness”, they added.

All of their products are clinically proven which focuses on the Gut Brain, also known as the second brain in our body. They claimed that anyone who drinks their product will feel refreshed, energetic and proactive for the rest of the day. Well then that’s good to hear. Rather than feeling gloomy all throughout the day, why not take some of Amare’s products to brighten up your day?

How can you get hold of these amazing products? You can become one of the retail customers if you just wanted to try it out. Then apply for the preferred customer membership if you liked the results for the cost of $24.95/year. And if you want to spread the word and also sell these products, go and sign up to become one of their wellness partners for just $69.95/year. With these two paid plans, each will get 25% off of all the product prices.

Becoming a wellness partner is just a start. You need to maintain a 100 PV monthly to stay active. You’ll buy their products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. They have this so-called personal customer volume bonus. Let me give you the breakdown.

  • 5% bonus – if you produced 500-999 PV in a month
  • 10% bonus – if you produced 1000-1499 PV in a month
  • 15% bonus – if you produced 1500 and above PV in a month

A commission of 25% for MLM is not so bad if you ask me. That is if you can sell all of them. You better do some sales talk and break a leg out there.

Another way is doing the same thing as the others. Recruiting people into the company to get commissions. Making your recruits do the hustle will generate you passive income. That’s for sure. And when your recruits recruit 3 more under each wing, you will earn more additional bonus. And this is what they call Me and 3 Bonus Commissions.

Rankings are important in every MLM company. Amare offers a total of 13 ranks in the ladder than you can qualify for to get compensation offered by the company. The least of the requirements is to meet 100 PV of autoship monthly, and it progresses as you climb up the ranks. They also have Unilevel Residual Commissions which will allow you to earn commissions downline up to 7 levels based on your qualified rank.

Revenue Bonus Pool and Go Forward Infinity Bonus Pool commissions are based on the global marketing sales of Amare, shared to qualified ranks in the company. In the Revenue Bonus Pool, the more shares you get, the bigger the amount you will get. And in the Go Forward Infinity Bonus Pool, the top 3 in ranks will earn much more commissions. Without labor, nothing prospers.

I have found out that Chief Science Officer Shawn Talbott, responsible for Amare’s research, development and product formulation was once caught up in a $4.5 million lawsuit for making some exaggerated claims on their product (Cortislim and CortiStress) at his old MLM Company. This might not affect Amare, but it is something someone should be wary about.

You may take any reviews you see on Amare’s product as a grain of salt because of Shawn’s past allegations. After all, he’s the chief of science of the product that you are gonna intake. They may be exaggerating, who knows? But let us not ignore those who genuinely love and have positive changes in using the product. You can literally identify them.

Is Amare Global a scam? They are not. They have legit but expensive products for you to sell and make profit from. But how long? Only you can answer that if you plan to be part of their company. Almost 99% participants of all MLM companies lose money, according to the FTC. You make more loss than profit, not the other way around. Be wise, my friend.

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