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Matt Clark is the website that houses the ultimate online training [or so they say] named Amazing Selling Machine [or ASM for short]. The said training that made’s amazing members build not five, not six, but seven-figure businesses. The training gets you on the road to success, they say, but are they really speaking facts or just mad capping? Are they really… amazing? Find out in my review below.

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The moment I saw their name and the aesthetics of the website, I already knew that one of their main biz is about Amazon. Not a lotta mentions of it explicitly in  their homepage, I just knew. And guess what, they deliver the hype  I’m kinda expecting upfront in the page dedicated to ASM. Sneaky.

Apparently, issa business that can set you free for life simply because Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. I should say that I know a lotta reasons that’ll tell them otherwise, but let us hear their reasons why it’s still a perfect place to start a biz first.

They say it’s good because, one, more than half of all online purchases in the US are made on Amazon. Better sell where people are already shopping, setting up your own Shopify site be damned. But then,’s Matt Clark suggests thinking twice on building your ecom empire on Amazon because peeps are buying more online anyway.

Don’t know why Matt needs to shade the opportunity in Amazon when he and his company is still selling it like it’s the best online biz there is. It’s really not, and so is Shopify dropshipping. Such is life, but the fact that is selectively sh*tting on one to sell the other is not so… amazing. Especially when they do it on both, no shame at all.

Regardless, here’s their reason two: Amazon is apparently good because it does eighty percent of the work for you. Means Amazon would give you a website, send you customers , and ship your product on your behalf. Well, I should say that they don’t really send you customers unless you do a lotta work in optimizing your listing. Gotta spend lots on ads and PPC too.

Finally, their last reason would be the continuous, promising growth of Amazon as a shopping platform. The pie keeps growing, they assert, but then, I doubt anyone who’s about to just get started here won’t get a slice. Not even a crumb. Talk about extreme saturation.

That’s my number one concern BTW on why I don’t see Amazon, particularly its FBA offer, as a good biz. The competition is damn intense, ‘nuff said. Not only that, starting one could be very, very costly. So, overall, it’s like bringing a dull knife in a gunfight and that sh*t is somehow priced like Gucci [I swear, I’m not giving ‘em ideas].

In addition, ASM as a training is not any better. Worse even if I should say. Some say ASM is mediocre at best while others complain that issa ripoff. Not that it’s a scam, you’re still getting something once you purchase this’s offer that costs $4,997 [or six monthly payments of $997]. It’s just bad, especially when you consider its steep price. Review

I’ve seen comments that mention how their tactics are lame. A previous student of ASM wrote, “I highly doubt that these gurus know how to build a sustainable Amazon/ecom brand.” Oh, and also, some pointed out how their training videos are too basic and not so up-to-date. Hearing such is bad news as Amazon FBA is complex and constantly changing on a regular basis. 

Then, there’s another recurring theme among the complaints that says how their private Facebook group made for ASM students is dead. Like, getting a response is so much faster on free groups rather than on here. Disappointed, but not surprised as they apparently got slow and horrible customer service too.

On a similar note, the so-called mentors here don’t have much time doing actual mentorship either. Thirty minutes and that’s it. Me, myself, and I typa vibes here which is not worth your five grand IMHO. With all the reasons I mentioned, I can easily say that I won’t recommend and their ASM offer. Unfortunately, they’re not as amazing as their name suggests.

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