The Great American Income Project Review (Ultima Spike Trading)

Ultimate Spike Trading

Ultima Spike Trading is Don Kaufman’s trove of trading secrets that led him to become a multi-millionaire. The reason he’s revealing it now is him being sick of seeing Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck when there’s a way in trading that can easily change their lives for the better. Hence, the moniker of the program being The Great American Income Project. Having said that, is Ultima Spike Trading legit or just another all hype program?  Scroll to the review below to find out.

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But first, let me share the disclaimer written on the program’s site: “TheoTrade does not provide investment or financial advice or make investment recommendations…” The disclaimer also explicitly stated that no one in Theotrade, the company handling Ultima Spike Trading, doesn’t have anyone in their team, not even Don, that’s a licensed financial adviser or registered broker-dealer. That alone is enough reason to skip this program if you’re looking for trade signals.

And you’re probably looking for the latter since the video hyping up the program mentions a ninety percent win rate on their Ultima Spikes based trades while broadcasting their live trading sessions that you can freely follow at the same time. The no nonsense conclusion you’ll get from that should be them doing Ultima Spikes based trades live and giving some sort of a financial advice.

But nope, they can’t even call whatever they’re doing in their live trades financial advice. They don’t have a license to (legally) do so. I think it’s just proof that they’re doing trades themselves, but not something you’ll follow if you have at least one functional brain cell given it’s NOT financial advice. 

Most importantly, what’s up with the absurd winrate of their trades? I call BS simply because I’m a firm believer of the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Heck, even the too good to be true label could be an understatement here. It’s equally ridiculous to someone who’ll claim that they can give you the winning lotto numbers in the near future. Don is not Nostradamus, no one is.

And even if it’s somehow true, not even the greatest philanthropist would share what could be possibly the biggest trading loophole. “I don’t come for money,” my ass. Why charge a somehow steep fee, around thousand bucks and more, for a one-year subscription of your program, then? Make it make sense, Don.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some praises on Don and Ultima Spike Trading being decent and legit at providing education regarding options trading. But, then again, their marketing and PR stuff implies that they’re so much more than that. They’re not. If they refrain from using clickbait materials, I really won’t have problems with them. Yet, here we are because they’re not honest in describing what they can legally offer – insights on learning options.

The Great American Income Project Review

All things considered, I won’t obviously recommend Ultima Spike Trading. Not when I also found out those who expressed their disappointment on copying what Don trades on the live trading session. Most definitely, it’s not a ninety percent win rate, as expected if I may say so, since the consensus is that those who follow Don’s trades lose more than they gain.

Personally, I also wouldn’t pay a single cent to the likes of Theotrade who shamelessly puts up a lot of passive aggressive replies on complaints about them and Ultima Spike Trading program. The most notable one is them not showing a smidge of being sorry and apologetic just because they already refunded a disgruntled client, albeit refusing to refund earlier until the said client’s bank forced their hand. Like c’mon, the company is fine on saying a boatload of marketing BS, but, somehow, won’t even attempt to appear sincerely sorry (as they should) when addressing complaints. Y’all get your priorities straight.

Regardless, I’ll still spill the deets regarding the program for the curious peeps. Once you sign up, you’ll get the following:  The Ultima Income Generator 101 course (the core training), access to view the past course materials of Don, access to a private community group called The Ultima Income Generator H.Q., access to a daily live trade room, three new live trade alerts every week, and some fluff like the The 7-Step Breakdown to Turning a Tiny Account Into Reliable Income cheat sheet. The price of Ultima Spike Trading program? Well, Ultima Spike Trading cost $297 for the first three months, and $99 a month, thereafter. Again, you better skip this one.

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