Amway Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Amway is one of the most well-known MLM companies nowadays that deal with the health and wellness niche. In fact, they are one of the leading direct-selling businesses around the world. For more than 6 decades, they have proven that their products are worthy of buying since they’re still in the business until now. How did they do it? Let’s find out.

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The company was founded by the two lads, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos back in 1956. They were friends back in the day and they shared the same goal to make life more for them, their friends and families. They took fancy to the idea of giving out commissions when the person they introduced is making sales on their own. And that’s the textbook definition of MLM for you.

Milind Pant, the now CEO of Amway, joined with Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel, sons of the former founders who are now co-chair of the Board of Directors are the ones who are leading Amway and continuing the missions of their fathers, which is to provide opportunities for people around the world to start their own businesses.

They now have over a hundred products and a wide variety at that, including nutritional and beauty supplements, personal care products, and home appliances that are used worldwide by their ever-loving and supporting customers and Independent Business Owners (IBO). They are now focusing on research and development and they now have more than 800 patents owned. How amazing is that?

To become an Independent Business Owner at Amway, they have a registration fee that costs $62 and an optional starter kit that costs $99 to help to know and understand what the products you will be selling do. They also have a little below $100 of annual fee that covers the maintenance of your personal website and other business tools and equipment that can assist you in running your business. 

They also give unlimited free training, consultations with your mentors and seminars to boost your knowledge and repertoire as you go along with your business. And even if you feel that Amway is not for you, they will gladly refund your money after 90days of registration. You can consider these first 3 months as your trial version, to know if what they do fits your preferences and beliefs, if you can actually earn money with their setup, and if not, 100% money back guaranteed.

And if you wish to continue, then of course, all hard work pays off and you will then be qualified for Amway’s compensation plan. They have the immediate income where you can keep the difference between the price you bought the products from Amway and the price at which you sell the products to your customers. IBO’s are free to decide how much they are willing to sell the product so that they will dictate the margin of where they would get their income from.

They also have monthly bonuses that are based on the type of product that you sold and your monthly total sales volume. They offer a unilevel compensation structure which basically focuses on building your downline. Performance bonus which they have their own computation but basically it’s the total of all the differences between you and your frontline’s monthly performance bonus corresponding to their monthly sales in each bracket.

Corresponding awards are also given to those who strive to be the best distributor of all time. You can climb up in ranks when you reach a certain amount of personal volume sales that is set within a couple of months and more incentives and bonuses are given as you climb up in ranks, just like all MLM companies out there do. That’s what makes people stick and continue to be part of the company because they are never frugal in giving back to their IBOs.

For an old company such as Amway, there wouldn’t be any surprise if you saw one or two or maybe even more lawsuits against them over the past six decades. There have been accusations that Amway is a Pyramid Scheme but were able to dodge it because FTC said that it couldn’t be called in such a way because of technicalities – One is said to be a Pyramid Scheme if they’re only earning money by recruiting people, but is not the case with Amway.

Amway is not a scam. It is an MLM company that has run for more than 6 decades and is still doing good as of today, but if you think that you can actually earn money with this saturated market of health and wellness niche, then I beg to differ. And for you to invite your warm market (friends, family, co-worker) into joining is a hard decision to make because it may and can jeopardize your relationship with them.

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