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There are so many different personalities that I haven’t really heard of prior to making articles about them. Regardless of the medium that they work on, whether it be film, television, music or sports, I don’t really know that many people especially if they’re fairly lowkey with their lives. They do good work and the people who are fans enjoy the work that these people are doing. Sometimes I don’t really keep track of everybody that I see on television or on the cinema. I will probably have a hard time remembering every single person that is relatively known for what they do.

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Take Amy Lawrence for example. I haven’t really seen much of her work as a sports journalist and commentator since I don’t really watch a lot of sports. I just don’t have the capacity of watching hours of people playing a sport and listening to people talk about what’s happening in the game. Like I said, there’s an audience for this type of thing. Sadly I am not part of that audience. That doesn’t mean it had anything to do with her. I just don’t watch sports, in general.

The weird thing about it is that I wasn’t really sure which of the two people named Amy Lawrence was the one I had to write about. You don’t often see two people with the same name work in the same type of industry. The other Amy Lawrence that I am talking about is a writer for the sports website The Athletic. Amy from The Athletic primarily works on the beat about the Arsenal Football Club. She previously wrote about football—the non-American one—for other publications in the United Kingdom including The Guardian and The Observer.

The Amy Lawrence that I am actually talking about is American sports radio host Amy Lawrence. There isn’t really that much easily available information regarding her childhood outside of that she grew up mainly in Concord, New Hampshire. Looking at the short biography that’s available on her blog, Play By Play Day By Day, it seems like she was really keen on working in the realm of television and radio. She had bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Accounting from Messiah College before she went on to get a master’s degree in TV & Radio from Syracuse University.

Most of her career jumped around a few states here and there. Considering that sports radio was still pretty male-dominated, it’s not surprising that Amy was the female host that were on those sports radio shows. There is some of those assumptions that women don’t really know much about sports and all that. Sexism just seems kind of rampant in sports radio. But slowly, there have been more and more female hosts being regular parts in sports radio shows around the United States. Still, Amy has the distinction of being the first female in the history of Oklahoma to host her own sports radio talk show.

Throughout the almost three decades of her in local sports radio, she has also gotten the chance to do play by play and color commentary in a bunch of the radio stations that she got work in. She has also done some commentary in actual college women’s basketball games in the past decade or so. During that time she also worked at ESPN Radio for about nine years as one of the station’s only regular female host. She then started working for CBS Sports Radio where she hosts the late night program After Hours. It’s definitely hard to do a show that starts at 2AM and ends at 6AM. They weren’t wrong to use that title for the show. But doing a radio at those hours can be tough. But she managed to have a loyal fanbase who listens to her program.

With her knowledge regarding sports, it’s no wonder that Amy is still hosting After Hours to this day. She regularly makes appearances in the different CBS news shows to talk about sports. It’s no wonder that she has an estimated net worth of about $600,000. She’s pretty much active on social media either on her personal account or through the official After Hours account. There is no shortage of sports stuff that you could talk about because there’s so types of professional sports that you can talk. Like, so many types of sports.

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