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You can find a lot of videos about a multitude of topics on YouTube. If you want to watch comedy videos, there are probably thousands of those on the platform. Want to learn a skill? Sure there’s videos about those two. Sometimes, you may be planning to start your own business but aren’t sure exactly how to got about it. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who post videos about any kind of business that you can imagine.

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Although Amy Porterfield doesn’t specifically make videos about how start a business, she does make videos about an important aspect of a business and that’s online marketing. A lot of people have started their businesses online. For the most part, you have a larger reach than just your immediate location. But also, you don’t have to spend money setting up shop in an actual store. But just because there advantages to it, there’s also something to be mindful of.

Because you have business that on the internet, you have to properly market yourself. Marketing is an essential part of getting your business known whether it’s on-ground or online. On the internet, you are basically fighting for everyone’s attention. That involves creating the type of content that will get people interested in your business.

While I was reading the interview that she did for Forbes, I sort of got how she started doing what she does. Sometimes when somebody makes a name for themselves, the way that they talk about their story makes them feel like they’re larger than life. I do think that people will sell an image of themselves that they want people to see. I get that. They don’t really need to divulge so much information about them. Sometimes I just want clarity about exactly what they do.

In that same interview, her dad apparently told them that they should find a way to their own boss when they grow. It seemed like sage wisdom coming from his father. What did he know that Amy didn’t? Though, I guess, having to work for somebody else means your doing stuff on their terms and not yours. And being your own boss does give you some sense of freedom. Because you’re only having to answer to yourself.

She went on to work as a content creator for a motivational speaker for more than five years. While there was something to get from that experience, she was unhappy towards the latter part of her time there. Instead of building her own dreams, she was building someone else’s. She craved for the freedom to do things on her own terms. Before she quit her job, she started learning everything she can about digital landscape. Bear in mind, this was in 2009. Most social media platforms have yet to develop into what they are now. Everything still seemed kind of fresh and new.

She started building her own social media consulting business. But she realized that she was still answering to somebody else. In this case, it was her clients. While she was good at that job, it wasn’t as fulfilling. The moment of clarity came when one of her clients berated her for a webinar that didn’t go as planned. After that, she stopped her consulting business. And decided to start what would become her actual business.

Like any business, there will be some learning curves that you have to go through. It mostly started when she created her first online course. The problem that she had when she launched a online course about launching a book using social media was that she didn’t know who the audience was for it. She spent more than she got from that course.

Everything went better when she understood what she got better the first time. She started listening to what her audience had to say. Slowly but surely the courses that she made were a success. It wasn’t until that she starting hearing about her student’s success stories that she knew she had something. Eventually she managed to reach a net worth of $7,000,000.

Amy offers three courses on her website. List Builders Society talks about building an e-mail list for your business. Systems That Scale teaches teaches how to set up and organize your business with processes that work for you. Digital Course Academy is a course that teaches how make your own digital course.

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