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AMZ Formula Review (AMZ Together)

AMZ Together

AMZ Together offers its very own The AMZ Formula course to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own Amazon biz. You’re only one product away, they say. One product away from what, though? They imply being a product away from having the same lifestyle as their founder Joshua Crisp. The Lambos and fancy trips to wherever, that’s what they’re talking about. I don’t believe it and instead, I’ll say you’re one product away from wasting your thousand bucks. Let’s jump to the review, shall we?

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I’m not born yesterday to fall for that sh*t. No way anyone will get enough take home money, especially NOT in Amazon, to have that luxurious lifestyle immediately. Heavy emphasis on the timeline they claim as it’s structured as a get rich quick

And it’s their words that keep pushing the said narrative, not mine.  Something along the lines of “brand new account from zero to $10k per month the first month product was launched” to “…zero to $85k a month in six months.” The list of these crazy claims goes on. Aside from being too good to be true, the said claims are also misleading. The figures in their receipts, if it’s even true, is just the sales. Not the gross revenue aka take home money that’s all yours.

From the get-go, I already have my doubts here. Let’s dig deeper into what their course has to offer so I can confidently say “I told you so!”

According to AMZ Together, The AMZ Formula is an in-depth Amazon course that teaches everything you need to know from A to Z, from start to finish, yada yada. They also associate the course to several fancy terms such as leveraged research, rapid sourcing, the micro launch, skyrocket scale, and the pendulum.

The terms leveraged research, rapid sourcing, and the micro launch are just pertaining to them, AMZ Together, being good (spoiler alert, they’re not) at product and supplier research. Meanwhile, skyrocket scale refers to the secret strategies on consistently ranking your products to the top. Lastly, the pendulum is all about showing you the “ticket to success” in Amazon based on Joshua’s experience. 

In case you forgot, Joshua is the founder of AMZ Together. I don’t blame you for forgetting about him, though. Simply put, he’s cut from the same cloth as the typical financial gurus. Being generic af will surely make you forgettable.

Anyway, let’s talk about the course pricing. By paying $997, you’ll receive The AMZ Formula full course materials, access to a Facebook Mastermind group and Telegram chat room, and DFY templates on contacting suppliers, product listing security, and encouraging 5-star reviews. Take note that the price is marketed as a limited time offer of 50% off.

So, what’s my verdict here? It’s not worth it for me. First, there’s nothing really special with the course materials. Simply put, they half-ass the presentation with the webcam quality videos. Also, the info here can be found on YouTube and/or similar sites for free, so why pay thousands of dollars? 

Don’t take my word for it, it’s the general sentiment of the legit reviews on The AMZ Formula. The company didn’t even dismiss it in one of the reviews that mentions it and replies, in retaliation, that their course is for people who would like more guidance and support on their Amazon endeavor. Speaking of support…

The support here is beyond abysmal. Contacting them is such a pain after paying them moolahs. I’m talking about months of waiting before you get a response from their email.

AMZ Formula Review

Also, their limited time offer is nothing but BS in multiple ways. First, it’s not really time limited. Don’t mind the countdown timer, the “discount” won’t go away once it hits zero. Simply put, it’s just a ploy to lure you into buying impulsively.

Second, it’s just a way to trick you into thinking that they have a refund policy. Technically, they have one, but you’ll never satisfy its requirements. The disclaimer, written in fine print btw, mentions that you can’t get any refunds when you purchase at a discount. Simply connect the dots with what I’ve mentioned earlier about the discount always being there and tada, you now know that the refund policy is a lie. Nothing but a BS trap.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend buying The AMZ Formula at all. It’s definitely not worth a thousand bucks. Besides, learning from Joshua’s experience is not that wise IMO. There are allegations that his Lotion Fast LLC store in Amazon is only making $3k per month in revenue. No way he can teach you to make six figures or more a month unless he straight up told you to sell an expensive af course like him.

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