AMZDFY Review (Kevin David)

Kevin David

Kevin David created the AMZDFY program with David Arnett. His promise here is they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to starting and operating an Amazon store. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and pay them big bucks. Interested in the biz? I can’t blame you; passive income can be enticing, for sure. But before throwing your money to literal strangers, or maybe not if you’re a YouTube subscriber of Kevin, read this review top to bottom first.

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Let’s start this review by discussing what’s AMZDFY. It’s a DFY service similar to Nolan Johnson’s program but on Amazon. Basically, it promises to do literally everything for your Amazon store. If you want to, you can choose not to learn anything  about Amazon stores. They’ll still be able to make you one, anyway. What you need here is money, lots of them.

But it’s expected for a biz that’ll generate a passive income for you. That is, if things go as planned obviously. The dream would be selling like hotcakes, but a monthly figure that will return your investments in a year or two is not that bad too.

So, what exactly are the things AMZDFY will do for you? To start, Kevin and his team will do the product research for you. It’s important to pinpoint what will sell well. It’s not just pick something random like drawing lots, and it’s done. You might also have a specific niche in mind, but that still means selecting from hundreds or even thousands of different products. Add the hassle of speaking to multiple sellers too and you’ll get why you pay for conducting product research.

 Next, they’ll do all the bits and bobs necessary for listing your products. On the surface, it’s what you see when browsing a product’s page. The name, picture, and description – that kind of stuff. Meanwhile, they also need to set those that can’t be seen as a buyer. For example, they set the most appropriate keywords for your product. Just like Google SEO, you need to research them well to get seen. Otherwise, it would take a long scroll before prospective buyers reach your product.

Moving on, they’ll also manage your inventory. It’s slightly different to the traditional ones as you don’t hold any items on your own warehouse, it’s either on your supplier or on Amazon. There needs to be coordination, so you don’t sell what is out of stock.

Obviously, they’ll do the “processing the order” part. You know, all the things needed to be done to make an actual sale. This is also with handling refunds or product returns.

Finally, AMZDFY will try to make your store receive good ratings. Personally, the first thing I look when buying something online are the reviews. I don’t think I’m a one unique MF in that regards. In fact, majority takes reviews seriously too. This is why it’s important to receive positive ones. Be decent at handling this and all the other things I mentioned earlier, and you’re now ready for a biz expansion.


Before talking about expansion though, let’s snap back to reality. I already mentioned earlier that you need a lot of money. Well, let me tell you the actual figures AMZDFY is asking on top of charging 30% of your store’s profit when it materializes. For their standard package with a working capital of $7k-$10k, you’ll pay them $25k. For the platinum package with a working capital of $15k-$35k, you’ll pay them $40k instead. Finally, the diamond package with a working capital of $50k or more will require you to pay $100k… Yes, you heard it right.

TBH, I don’t see any reason to scale the pricing by a great margin just because of a higher working capital. Sure, it might mean more products to manage and all, but the increase is just too much.

Besides me not being a fan of dropshipping as a business model and anything overpriced, I’m also not keen on working with Kevin David. I’ve reviewed him here at Suugly recently and he’s a borderline scammer. I mean, why would you trust someone that’s proven guilty of faking sales report? If he’s selling that well, or if he has any Amazon store at all, he doesn’t need to fake that sh*t. Imagine letting him, someone more sus than the characters in Among us, use your credit card and charge with anything he wants. It’s a requirement for AMZDFY after all. Personally, I’ll say “no, thank you.”

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