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Audiobook Masters Course Review (Rob Anderson)

Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson has been inactive on his public social media accounts for quite a while. His last Facebook post via his Audiobook Masters business page is dated way back to 2019. Meanwhile, his YouTube channel is not doing great activity-wise either. As of the time of writing this review, the latest upload there was like seven months ago. No f*cking idea why he’s like this, so I’ll just review his course below instead.

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I think it’s just fitting to introduce the Audiobook Masters course with something I already mentioned earlier. That is, his not-so-latest YouTube video that reveals how he sold $2.1 million worth of audiobooks in Audible via ACX. No, I didn’t pull this million dolla figure out my ass. Maybe him, but not me. But yeah, I’m just listing out the figure he included in the video title.

So, right away, he described his Audiobook Masters as something about self-publishing audiobooks. No surprises here because, hey, it’s in the course’s name already. He also put a few remarks right from the get go like how his two million dollars sales are from a single brand (he has more than one) with thirty-four audiobooks and how the thang can be your main hustle.

When he says this can be the main hustle, he means that the already impressive yet borderline too-good-to-be-true figure can be a lot higher if he sticks to it. Also, as opposed to his suggestioni, he did this on the side only since he’s into house rehabbing and Airbnb. And of course, don’t forget his time being dedicated to coaching in Audiobook Masters too.

Too many minutes talking about the said remarks later, he finally did the reveal. To my disappointment, it’s just him breaking it down into an equation: 105,287 copies sold multiplied with the $19.95 price a piece equals two million something dollars. Also, that’s it, that’s the video wrapped up. Wait, what?

Whatever. At least this confirms that the number is just sales, not profit aka clean take home money. Also, he showed his ACX dashboard to confirm the copies sold. Yeah, totally not manipulated by the good ‘ol inspect element, I s’pose.

I was being sarcastic by the way. I can only assume, but the way he just scrolled by his ACX dashboard is a bit suspicious. Fear of refreshing the page, maybe? Not to mention him not accounting the returned units, almost in the 800s, in his computation. I’m skeptical, fosho. However, since I don’t have any evidence whatsoever to confirm my doubts, I have no other choice but to take his sales figure as the truth. Ugh.

Now the question that remains is whether you can replicate the sales figure or not with his Audiobook Masters course. I’ll say you can, but you probably won’t. Just like Amazon FBA, the thing you need the most here is not a coaching program, but a time machine. Y’know, something that’ll take you back in time when sh*t’s easy and there’s none of that intense competition we have today. So, around 2013 or earlier for audiobook publishing. This checks out given that Rob actually started publishing as early as 2011.

Audiobook Masters Course Review

Still, I must admit that he has some good things going on with his offer. Unlike the usual audiobook gurus, he emphasized putting out quality works instead of recycled garbos for a quick buck. Add to that his consideration of user reviews to improve upon future works. Also, no indication of him encouraging paying unfair wages to peeps you’ll outsource in the process. Uh-huh, easy to get some praises for the bare minimum here when your peers are absolute scums.

Anyway, let’s move on with the pricing. Specifically, the Audiobook Masters course costs a one time payment of $997 or two payments of $597. Pay that and you’ll get the following inclusions: An online video course; access to an exclusive community; access to Rob’s recommended freelancers including ghostwriters, narrators and cover designers; twice a week live group coaching calls; and dozens of templates and worksheets.

I’ve mentioned the good things before, now we’re onto the bad. One, Rob got no sauce for any of his own works. Nada. Kinda weird to hide ‘em titles when he’s suggesting hot and popular topics as your niche, something that’s essentially out in the open. Two, I have doubts on succeeding with heavily outsourced works when you’re probably a no-name author yourself with only shallow takes. That said, I won’t be recommending Rob’s Audiobook Masters. I rest my case.

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