Anovite Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There have been a lot nutrition and wellness-related multi-level marketing companies that have made their way onto this website. Anovite is no different. Something about this particular industry attracts these kinds of companies. Though there are a bunch of other multi-level companies that exist in other industries including the beauty and fashion industries. It just feels like there is a new health and wellness-related company that’s popping up.

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In a video that Anovite posted on its YouTube channel, it lays down the history and vision of the company. It all starts with colostrum, a milk-like fluid that mammals who have just given birth produce prior to producing breast milk. Compared to breast milk, colostrum contains a lot more nutrients, some of which help infants fight disease. Colostrum is available as a supplement, usually produced by cows. Anovite’s founder Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s first experience with bovine colostrum was during his formative years in his family’s dairy farm in Utah. His father would always make sure that infant calves had drank “first milk” in order to grow healthy. Dr. Kleinsmith was the one who milked regularly milked the cows back then as a kid. Eventually, Dr. Kleinsmith moved to California in the late ’80s, early ’90s to work at a wellness clinic. In a strange twist of fate, he found that the anti-aging serum that this clinic was injecting as part of a therapy program was synthesized from bovine colostrum. Eventually he left the clinic to start Anovite.

Like a lot of MLM companies, you have to become an affiliate member in order to start selling their products. The affiliate membership comes in the form of a product pack. All product packs cost $299.95. The main difference is what kind of products are included. There are a few overlapping products in those three product packs, including its Colostrum6 supplements.

Nutritional supplements seem like most common product that health and wellness-related MLMs sell. Usana has it. Arbonne has it. It makes sense though. Capsules are fairly easy to produce so it’s not much of problem for them to get these kinds of equipment. Aside from nutritional supplements, Anovite also have anti-aging serums and somehow supplements for dogs and cats. Most of the products have colostrum in it, I think.

Multi-level marketing companies often have similar compensation plans for its affiliates. There are multiple rankings that have different quotas that need to be met in order to qualify. When you’re a new affiliate, you sometimes aren’t qualified to earn affiliate commissions yet. You can, however, earn commission from selling the products to retail customers. In order to reach the follow rank, you have to recruit people to become affiliates. You will usually need 2 to 3 people in order to qualify. And all of you have to sell a certain amount of products within the month in order for you to get an affiliate commission. All of your commissions are counted towards a group volume quota.

I never recommend anyone to join any kind of multi-level marketing scheme, regardless of whether or not the products that they sell are good. There is just a lot of risks involved with being part of any multi-level marketing scheme. Aside from the cost of buying products, there is also costs for fuel because you do have to drive a lot in order to bring those products to your customers. Although, it seems like these companies have since began selling their products online, but it will require any customers to specify who their consultants were. Still, there’s just nothing worth it about this whole enterprise.

Not every one who joins MLMs find success in it, especially if you’re just starting out. The only you can really earn through MLMs is by recruiting people. Even then, your recruits are at a disadvantage because they also need to recruit their own people to join. So the cycle never really ends. A lot of people actually lose money from being part of MLMs. It’s probably hard to find people willing to buy your product, especially if they already bought a similar product from somebody else. That’s definitely a thing that probably happens often, especially if you live in a small town. There’s only so many you can sell to in your immediate vicinity. So you try to find customers the next town over.

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