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Partner With Anthony Review (Anthony Morrison)

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison comforts those who are struggling to make money on the internet. No shame admitting such, says Anthony, as it’s really not that easy to do. Not when you’re starting from scratch, it’ll be an uphill battle for sure, he mentions. In short, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, don’t do it alone, and partner with a millionaire like him by signing up for his Partner With Anthony program instead. Sounds like a no-brainer buy? Not so fast. Scroll below for my review.

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First, let’s talk about the “partnership” in the Partner With Anthony program. Unless you’re living under a rock or some, you’ll easily expect this as the same ‘ol affiliate marketing. “When you make money, I make money” is Anthony’s straight to the point statement that describes his program and affiliate marketing, in general. Where’s the lie?

Sure, the statement above listed on the program’s website is technically true, but he didn’t include what would happen if you don’t make money instead. He left it on purpose because it’s lowkey unfair on ya. So, what would happen then? If you don’t make some, Anthony will still get his. That’s what you get for entering what is essentially the start of his sales funnel. He designed it that way, so his pockets end up brimming with cash at your expense.

Still confused about what the heck I’m saying? It’ll be hard, “starting from scratch” hard, for you to earn money with this. But in every step of the way on trying to make this work, you’re throwing money, both directly and indirectly, to Anthony. He could’ve tried to make it a legit partnership where both of you assume the same risks or close. But no, this is just a parasitic relationship where Anthony is the parasite that sucks your wallets dry.

To start, the indirect ways you’ll throw him some cash is through purchasing the tools and subscription that you need from him to make a website of your affiliate links up and running. It’s not his creation, but he’ll earn commission coins for herding you to use such. They are your payment for ClickFunnels, BuildRedirect, email autoresponder, website domain and hosting, and solo ads, to name a few.

On the other hand, the direct ways are all about him selling you upsells. And oh boy, he got a lot and he’ll surely pressure you to buy those. Aside from paying the price of Partner With Anthony that costs $7 a month or $97 for lifetime access, you’ll also pay for the following: Ambassador program at $1,497, Internet Traffic Consulting at $1,197, Insider Newsletter at $100 a year, and YouTube Business Building Masterclass at $998.50 or $1,997. That’s not all, mind you. There’s so much more, the type where you’ll just say “too many to mention” just like in a slam book.

Partner With Anthony Review

To top it all off, you’re encouraged to do so much work (see my review on YouTube Business Building Masterclass for example) all for the sake of promoting his offers. Y’know, not so much different on making yourself a slave to a typical 9-5. It’s all just an Anthony-centric biz that besides a few basics on internet marketing, every lesson in Partner With Anthony is all about promoting his products. As an affiliate, you don’t want to be dependent on him alone. The goal is to diversify, and you can’t do that by learning the how-tos of affiliate marketing from him.

With that being said, I won’t recommend Partner With Anthony or any programs of Anthony at all. His persistence with peddling upsells isn’t an isolated case on Partner With Anthony. In fact, he’s so notorious for it that he’s called an Upsell king, the one and only mothaf*cka who’ll upsell their kids at the dinner table. To add, it’s not just the upsells as he basically doesn’t care if you earn some or not, likely not TBH, as long as he gets his. Based on the way he trains you to do his biz, you’ll likely won’t earn, and instead, be down a couple grand while exhausted from too much work in the end. 

And I’m not pulling this one out of my ass, it’s from the reviews where some barely break-even while most lose lots of money from being affiliates of Anthony. The commission from selling his products isn’t enough to cover the (huge) cost for running the site the way he recommends. Essentially, you’re also paying him so you can work FOR him. That’s just wrong, so better put your money somewhere else. Okay? Okay.

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