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Christian Martin’s newest YouTube advertisement has him blasting against other online gurus and their usual marketing habits. Flexing off their fancy cars and mansions with their own swimming pools and jacuzzis, all of which are actually rented for the ad. Traveling around the world on trips that they didn’t even pay themselves. Then these gurus will tell you that you can achieve the same lifestyle if you buy their online courses which contain their so-called “secret system” to making money online. Christian says that if you’re tired of all of that, then you should listen to him as he will teach you how to become a digital nomad without any hype or trickery.

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Christian Martin’s newest online course is called Work From Home Accelerator. It’s a training program that will teach you step-by-step how to start your own digital marketing agency and work from the comforts of your own home. Basically, what he’s going to teach you here is how you can run various paid social media ads for clients, specifically, Facebook and Instagram. Running paid ads for other businesses is actually a legitimate business model, since the truth is, most business owners don’t really have the capacity to run their own ad campaigns. Either because they don’t have the knowledge to do so, or they simply don’t have the time.

So instead, they hire other digital marketing agencies to do the marketing for them. And that’s where you come in. Work From Anywhere Accelerator contains a total of 6 modules, and a total of 100+ training videos. Each module, in turn, can last for a week, essentially bringing the total length of the course to 6 weeks. Week 1 contains 14 videos, and discusses all about the course expectations, understanding the mindset that you need to have in order to grow your online business, goal settings, building up your daily habits, and more.

Week 2 contains 12 videos, and is all about picking your marketing niche. You will be introduced to your special offer, and learn how to choose the best niche possible that has the most profit potential. You will learn how to spot and analyze your competition, extract ideas from them, and implement them into your own business. You will also get to learn the biggest mistakes that people make in this industry and how to avoid them. Identifying the market that you want to get into as early as this time, will help you build a solid foundation that you can use as your marketing campaign goes on.

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Week 3 contains 29 lessons, and now talks about everything about sales funnels. A sales funnel is a one-page website where you attempt to collect leads from your visitors, and hopefully, convert them into buyers for your offer. It’s called a sales funnel because while many will be interested in the product or service you’re offering, only a few of them will actually buy it in the end. Here, you’ll learn how to create a sales funnel using ClickFunnels, and it also provides freely downloadable sales funnel templates for various niches. You will also learn about email marketing, how to set up your follow-up messages, create email campaigns, and how to successfully get more leads.

Week 4 contains 26 lessons, and now deals with the core of this online course: Facebook and Instagram ads. Here, you’ll learn how to set them up, and how to use them to get the maximum conversion results, while spending as little as possible. You’ll be taught the essentials like setting up your campaign, getting familiar with Facebook advertising, and all the technical stuff that’s needed like implementing a pixel, creating and maintaining your Facebook page, and everything else about running paid ads online. Additionally, included are 2 over-the-shoulder video case studies where Christian Martin shows you how he uses all of these things that he is teaching to bring in more clients, and more money into his own business.

Week 5 contains only 10 lessons, but now deals with how you can get clients for your agency services. For this module, you’ll learn about enrolling clients, how to set up your own mini funnel, adapting the script that you will be using to cold call people, and practicing before you make the initial contact. It will also guide you through troubleshooting, your proposal, onboarding new clients, and of course, getting paid for your services. This week actually serves as a preparation for the lessons involved in the final week.

Week 6, the final week contains 23 lessons. It covers actually getting the clients, how to establish a signature move, and what to do after you’ve secured your very first client, basically client retention. This also shows you a number of different ways to attract new clients, and how to find them. And aside from all these training modules, you’ll also be able to access a private Facebook group composed of fellow Work From Home Accelerator students.

There are two choices on how you can pay for Work From Home Accelerator. You can opt for full payment of $997, or you can go for 3 separate installments of $439 each. There’s also a 60-day refund policy, but with conditions. You have to prove you went through the entire training, implemented each step, and still got no results. If you can do that, Christian will give you your money back plus a hundred bucks for wasting your time. But honestly, I don’t think enrolling in this course is worth it at all. It’s review ratio is rather bad, with negative reviews having a major percentage than positive reviews. Besides, Christian Martin claims he is anti-guru, yet he’s also doing the very same marketing methods as these gurus he rejects to promote this course. It’s rather hypocritical if you ask me. Finally, running Facebook ads nowadays is very expensive, very risky, and even very competitive.

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