AO Elite Review (Alexander Olave)

Alexander Olave

Alexander Olave is a professional MMA fighter turned entrepreneur and founder of AO Elite program. In an Instagram post, he claims that the common denominator of successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is having a good system. According to him, his AO Elite program can provide this system in your own eCommerce store to be able to automate, delegate, and eliminate time-consuming tasks in your business. “When you are able to build the right systems and processes for your business it is like opening up the flood gates of abundance,” Alexander continued. Read this AO Elite review to learn more.

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AO Elite is a portfolio agency that provides a done for you (DFY) service in setting up and managing stores in prominent eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Walmart. The program was founded by Alexander Olave who was awarded recently with a Two Comma award. The said award is awarded to individuals who were able to reach seven figure sales on a single program/funnel in ClickFunnels.

On their site, the program promises the following: The business that they offer is 100% hands off to you; they will allow to leverage their portfolio to grow and scale your business; and they guaranteed 150% return of investment on the business they built for you. Basically, they believe that the DFY business that they will provide is completely automated and will be able to generate a recurring passive income.

Regarding their portfolio, they claim to have $25 million worth of conversion data on the following items and resources: Converting products, converting landing pages, converting audiences, supplier relationships, inventory and warehouse management, client and customer support systems, and experienced team of experts.

Unfortunately, the program is not transparent on its pricing. In fact, it is a red flag when it is indicated in their frequently asked questions (FAQ) that you must act now before their price doubles without saying an actual figure. You must book a DFY Accelerator call first to have these simple details. However, the program will probably cost up to $30,000 upfront based on their screening questions  you have to answer before they allow you to book a call.

To be fair, the expensive cost is expected for a 100% hands-off DFY eCommerce store. Compared to a similar business in Michael Walding’s NXTLVL Services, their fee can be more expensive, but they assure its clients that they will set up an ad campaign such as Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads for the store unlike Michael’s. Still, I cannot recommend such a costly endeavor especially for beginners and those with limited capital.

AO Elite Review

There are also concerns on the program’s lack of reviews from verified students. The only notable feedback I have seen is from their Facebook page wherein an individual named Claudio Boyett commented initially that the program has “very good service and customer care.” Almost 6 months after the initial feedback, he commented that it was a scam. Someone asked him to elaborate his negative feedback, but he only replied with “simple SCAM.” This is not reassuring at all.

To add, starting an eCommerce business is not advisable anymore. For the Walmart platform, there is a shifting balance of priority between in-person shopping and eCommerce. The eCommerce growth in the said platform has been stale recently (7% quarter growth compared to Amazon’s 22%) and it is widely regarded that their chances of catching up on Amazon are getting slimmer. It is risky since they can just close their eCommerce services (like what they did to their concierge service Jetblack) rendering the time, money, and effort you rendered in your store useless. Same can be said on Shopify being a hosted platform, it is a vendor lock-in nightmare waiting to happen.

In conclusion, there is no sufficient evidence to say that Alexander Olave and his AO Elite program is a scam. Alexander is not a make-believe internet persona; you can verify it by watching his matches as a professional MMA fighter. However, I really cannot recommend this program because of its expensive cost and the business model it offers. I also do not advise anyone to have 100% hands off business, you still need to be knowledgeable on how it works so you can participate in major business decisions and not be vulnerable to DFY providers taking advantage of your ignorance.

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