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Apex Scaling Review (Caleb Maddix, Ryan O’Donnel)

Caleb Maddix and Ryan O'Donnel 1

Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnel are two digital entrepreneurs who are good at helping coaches, consultants, agency owners, speakers, and course creators get more high-ticket clients. And in their new case study, they’re revealing the 3 secrets as to how they’re able to achieve that. First, a high conversion, hands-free sales approach that every seven- or eight-figure business employs. Second, a traffic source that’s a sure money-maker. And third, a certain “component” of your marketing campaign that you’ll need to achieve a twofold, or even threefold, increase in income. So, what are those? Let’s find out in this Apex Scaling review.

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According to the case study, Ryan O’Donnell introduces the concept of webinars, why many businesses employ them, and why they are still useful even today. However, he also introduces a better method to make one. It’s much quicker, and requires only the most basic of tech to make. You also don’t need a team to do it, and you don’t even need to do them live (sounds very familiar). Furthermore, the profit margins are higher, and there’s virtually no tension to this. Caleb Maddix then adds that it’s legal for them to guarantee that this can work.

At this point, the duo will then introduce their three secrets as to how they’re able to successfully scale. The first one is the 80/20 Rule, or what is known as “Pareto’s Principle.” Ryan explains it like this. Identify only a few points that matter in your planned webinar, and discard the rest. Once you’ve done that, focus all your energy on them, and nothing else. Next, record the webinar in advance. This will allow you to go back and fix any errors in the webinar (this means more record takes). Finally, apply automation. So, you’ve got something working for you round the clock, 24 hours a day, and so on. It’s now possible for you to scale as well.

The second secret is having affiliates to use. Pretty sure some of them have built up the necessary marketing resources like leads and an expansive mailing list. Take advantage of it and use them for your benefit. It’s risk-free since you only pay them after they’ve directed a lead to you. No wonder Caleb says this is “legally guaranteed to work.” The third and final secret is to have a solid back-end system in place. A high-ticket offer should be presented to each new customer following their first purchase at the very least.

Caleb Maddix and Ryan O'Donnel 2

This is where Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnel pitch in their offer. If you need help in implementing these three secrets and scaling your business, they’re offering a program to assist you with it. It’s called Apex Scaling. Here’s how their process works. They’ll help you plan and deliver a webinar that’s suitable for your business. You’ll then capture and record the webinar on film. Their team will also take care of editing it to ensure a smooth flow. Then they’ll also launch the backend for you. As part of their service, they’ll take care of everything for your sales funnel, from the design of your websites to the automation of your emails. They’ll also be responsible for setting up your affiliate program, and these includes the tracking, links, and an affiliate recruitment page.

As part of the Apex Scaling package, you’ll also receive some bonuses. Such as the Affiliate Accelerator, a training program that shows you locating and recruiting the best affiliates. Also, this includes Caleb’s CMX Social Media Plan, which will teach you exactly what, where, and when to publish online to maximize your earning potential. There’s also the Media Masterclass, where you’ll learn how to include your work on well-known podcasts and websites like Forbes, etc. Finally, the package also includes the Advertising Masterclass, which is loaded with insights from the brightest minds in internet marketing.

And how much does Apex Scaling cost overall? A whopping $50,000 on retail, Caleb says. But the first 5 people who avail of their program will get a significant discount once approved. How big is it? It’s not mentioned anywhere, you’ll need to book a call with them first to find out. But at an original price of $50,000, it’s certainly very expensive. And honestly, there are cheaper services out there that charge less for the done-for-you pre-recorded webinar services that they offer. Still, you really don’t need them. If you really want to make some serious money online, there’s a more affordable option. Click below to find out.

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