APLGO Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

You have probably have seen a certain sentence before in some of my previous reviews. It just really bears repeating. The health and wellness industry seems to be a hotbed for a lot of network or multi-level marketing companies. Something about the whole industry just attracts a lot of multi-level marketing companies. I don’t really understand why. These companies often overlap in the kind of products they sell. Usually, it’s just nutritional supplements in either pill form or as powder drink mix.

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The APL in APLGO stands for Ageo Product Line. The company was founded in 2011 by Sergey Kulikov. What’s interesting about his story is that he was formerly an affiliate of another MLM company. Apparently, he was earning pretty well as an affiliate but his success was squandered because the management didn’t want him to be a part of the major structure of the company. Because of that, he decided to quit and started his own MLM company under the pretense that his company will treat its affiliate members better than the company he was affiliate of.

APLGO’s flagship products even when they were still called Ageo Product Line is their line of nutritional supplement drops. They have 13 different supplements meant for specific results. They have one for sleep, weight loss and some other stuff. Since rebranding to APLGO, which was the name of their online marketpace, they have also made a shift to into making beauty products. Mostly it’s just facial wash and toners.

The cost of becoming an affiliate member for APLGO costs $25. It doesn’t really say whether it’s a one-time fee or a recurring membership fee. Some of the other MLM companies I’ve reviewed like Velovita and QuiAri have either monthly or annual membership fees worth $30 or more. Like most of the companies, you will also need to buy product bundles that you intend to sell. That doesn’t really surprise me as much. If you’re going to join, might as well also buy the product that you’re going to sell.

Often times when I review multi-level marketing schemes, the compensation plans that they provide to their affiliates are either through a binary or unilevel structure. The main difference between the two is that a binary structure often has just two positions below each affiliate. Those two positions have two positions under each of them. The unilevel structure is larger in scope. So if you have more than two people you personally recruited, all of them are below. And the ones that they recruit are below them. Some MLMs use just one of the two structures, while some use both. It’s kind of confusing when they employ two different compensation structures for different commissions. Like all of them, you have to recruit either recurring retail customers and affiliates in order to be qualified to earn commissions. The more you recruit and the more you sell, the bigger the commission.

Like I mention in a lot of my reviews for these companies, getting into any multi-level marketing scheme involves a lot of risks that you have to consider. I rarely recommend anyone to join MLMs because it’s not really the best way to earn money in the short-term. The money doesn’t really flow that early into your journey into the world of multi-level marketing. You have to do really well to actually earn more than what you put into the company in the first place. Imagine 47% of the people who join MLMs lose their money from it while 27% just break even. You actually have a better chance of earning money if you start your own small business than with MLMs. Plus, you’re earning on your own terms instead of at the behest of a big company.

I also can’t imagine how much MLMs impact your relationships with other people. 39% of those who join MLMs eventually quit because they were really concerned that they’ve jeopardized their relationships with their friends and family. It sometimes feels like becoming an affiliate of an MLM company really changes you. Because you have to recruit as many people and to sell the product to as many people as you can to reach the monthly quota. And who are the people who usually talk to? Your friends and family. And you can’t all force them to join you. That’d be insane.

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