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Bastiaan Slot

Bastiaan Slot has another program besides Millionaire Consulting and it’s called Appointment Setter. Not to be confused with Appointment Setter dot ca that received a lot of flak on Glassdoor, Bastiaan’s Appointment Setter doesn’t have much online reviews besides the testimonials posted on their site. And you know what, I’m here to change that… one unbiased review at a time. Scroll below to read my honest thoughts about Appointment Setter.

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In Appointment Setter, Bastiaan and his team train and certify 9-5ers to replace their grueling day job, and become highly skilled, $10k a month appointment setters. Dubbed as New Age Setters (or NAS for short), Bastiaan suggests that the students who trained under ‘em will be placed under their partners in the coaching industry in sixty days or less.

Appointment setters, New Age Setters… What do they even mean in the first place? The way Bastiaan describes this on his website is you’ll be helping coaches sell their online courses by, you’ve guessed it, setting up appointments. Call appointments. Still confusing, I know, but lemme explain further.

As an appointment setter, you’ll be the first to contact leads to explain the product/service of the company you’re working under, and gauge their interest with such. The end goal here is for you to make the leads agree to pick up their phone again for ‘nother call… Not with you, but with someone else on the sales team.

In other words, your goal is to encourage leads to schedule an appointment with a high-ticket closer who’ll finalize the deal for that sweet, sweet sale. Every appointment you set up that turns into sales would give you 5%-10% in commission. That’s an appointment setter, alright.

Of course, Bastiaan has to assume the best (but likely not the usual) cut to make earning that promised $10k a month income look much doable. With 10% commission, he shows that you’ll snag ten Gs that easily with just ten sales of offers that only cost $10k. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy typa sh*t, amirite?

If you can’t tell, I was being sarcastic. I’ll say that this is easier said than done. Sure, you might have the edge on getting favorable results being a NAS. Unlike the usual VAs who are only reading from scripts, they say that you’ll know the nuances of making good conversation.

Instead of doing some beep boop impression like the VAs, you’ll have the emotional intelligence to connect better with people. Better connection means a better chance of ‘em setting an appointment and eventually becoming a sale. That’s the edge they promised, but in no way it’s guaranteed. Can’t teach sales chops unfortunately.

In addition, you’re at the mercy of a closer. You can do one hell of a job in swooning your leads, and still not end up with a sale since the closer messed up. You’re a NAS, but you can’t really stop others from being an ass in their job.

It’s really too easy to drop the ball here when y’all trying to sell some very pricey money-making courses. Heck, it’s not just you and the closer, but a whole lotta variables that’ll determine making a sale or not. Too many moving parts, I fear.

If you can’t reliably make a sale out of your appointments, then this is not significantly better than the usual telemarketing jobs. There’s the advantage of being able to work from home and have flexible schedules, but good luck making a good living out of this glorified side hustle.

Appointment Setter Review

Bet it’s not so different from a grueling day job if you’re not being the absolute best at this, anyway. Cold-calling is stressful, full stop, and not getting commissions here means only getting a terrible 9-5 salary, maybe even less.

Now, I ask, why would you pay Bastiaan around $10k (presumably the price of Appointment Setter’s NAS certification offer) to be just as miserable as before? Unless you’re one weird fella who’s getting off wasting money, there’s really no reason for you to pay… Well, actually, there’s one.

That one reason? It’s if you’re pretty sure you’re a godlike salesperson yourself selling some really, really good product. Having a cert won’t hurt, and learning from a previous appointment setter in Bastiaan who claims to be good at it ($24k in just ten days) seems like a good idea. Otherwise, just forget about it.

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