Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program Review (Phil Pustejovsky)

Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky welcomes you to his Freedom Mentor Apprentice program’s site by saying that his secret to success in real estate is having a mentor – someone who will take you under their wing. You know what’s next, he’ll offer to be your mentor. Too bad for Phil, I’ll say “no, thanks” to this. Reasons why you should also say no is written below.

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My bad for the rather choppy intro but that’s how the “welcome” YouTube video embedded in the site goes too. Hard to put a lot of info on a less than two minutes content while remaining the discussion smooth (and not janky) after all. I mention this since Phil is known for his free real estate training videos on his YouTube channel. The content is quite decent, one of the reason why he had 323k subscribers and over 115 million views. Even the free course posted in the site is also Gucci based on what people are saying on real estate forums. “Great education and full of sound knowledge. The man knows his stuff,” one of the comments in Bigger Pockets, a well-known real estate forum, said.

Does this mean that you have to sign up for his paid mentorship? Hell nah. What can I recommend is take all the free offers such as his free “How to be a Real Estate Investor” book and that’s it, never look back for more. Wanna know why? Well, it’s not worth it just for the price alone. Too steep of a price and the opposite of being bang for the buck, in my opinion.

I’m not the only one to have this thought, though. I mean, the ridiculous pricing is obvious since they’re already charging $997 for what is basically just a sales pitch of the actual apprentice program. Meanwhile, the apprentice program starts at $3,000 onetime payment and $197 a month thereafter. I say the word “start” since the price can be higher, up to $12,000, depending on what the salesperson quote during the call. Very scummy tactic to not fix their price and change it depending on your capacity to pay instead of its actual worth. It seems like they’re trying to milk your wallet with the most money they could.

Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program Review

What’s worst is the said price is not enough for a personalized coaching. It’s at least $25k for such as said in one of the reviews: “5k barely gets you access to mentors while 25k gets you personalized coaching.” All of the offers except the one that costs $997 (pre-apprentice program) also don’t have money-back guarantee.

If the price and lack of refund policy is not enough of a deal breaker for you, let me tell you that they’ll also get 50% of the profit from the deals that you alone close until you hit the $200k mark. Take note that all they did here is coach you, but contributed nothing to tasks in closing any specific deal like finding leads, acquire the necessary financing, get the deals under contract, etc. Having a 50-50 split is common in real estate when there’s some partnership in closing the deals involved, but not on this setup where you already paid upfront for the coaching. Phil saying that it’s better you have 50% left of something than 100% of nothing grinds my gear further. How about no, Phil? Saying no is the best answer anyway if you can hook yourself with local real estate investors who’ll probably know your home area better than Phil and offer a more hands-on training.

You’ll say no too when the only quality training in Phil’s paid course material is getting deals under contract, but pretty average on others. Don’t take my word for it, it’s a review by someone who also commented that “he’s happy with the education” but didn’t find it comprehensive enough since it’s lacking on extensive marketing training. Having the extra “coaching” in the apprentice program doesn’t matter much either since it’s only three calls per month, hence the comment earlier that the mentors are barely accessible unless you shell out $25k (which you shouldn’t).

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