Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme?

Beauty products are what we use in our daily lives to make ourselves presentable to the public. A lot of them still have some chemicals which may sometimes be harmful to someone’s body. That’s why we all are choosy in getting the right product to use for our daily routine. Arbonne offers skincare products that may catch our attention because their products are chemical-free and all-natural. Is it worth trying though?

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Arbonne was founded in 1975 by Petter Morck. After he passed away, the company is now in the hands of the current CEO, Kay Napier. As said earlier, the company started with offering chemical-free and all-natural skincare products and now they also offer nutrition supplements like detox, dietary, protein and energy shakes, meal alternatives and many more. They believe that everyone can flourish by being good to themselves, their community and the planet. Big words.

Being around for more than 50 years, they’ve also developed hair care and body care products, makeup accessories just to be on par with the evolving market of our industry. All of these products give opportunities to other people to become sales representatives so that they can earn for themselves in the comfort of their homes, a side hustle if I may say so. But are they really earning or is it just a waste of time and mostly, money?

To become one of their consultants, it costs $49 for the registration fee which is valid only for 12 months and you also need to buy one of three of their starter kits. You can choose from:

  • Nutrition Value Pack – $296
  • Skincare Value Pack – $311
  • Skincare and Nutrition Value Pack – $528

And as the name of the packs suggests, each pack corresponds to different assorted products included in it. It also has a personalized website and business tools that can help you keep track of your business.

To earn with Arbonne, first, you must be qualified. Consultants have a monthly requirement of 120 PV and this includes your product sales and your product purchases. Once you’ve done that, you can earn commissions such as the retail commission. Retail commissions are only computed on products sold to non-affiliate members and you can get up to 35% in commission. Additional 15% commission are given for orders made by preferred customers who are enrolled on an autoship program.

Their residual commission is based on a unilevel compensation structure and this commission can go down to as many levels as possible, as long as you’re recruiting new members to and through your downline. Commission percentage is based on your rank and there are a total of 9 affiliate ranks in Arbonne. To put it simple, you must recruit more so that you can reach monthly group volumes to rank up and earn more commissions. They also offer a car bonus for high ranking affiliates.

According to the Bustle study of social media mentions, Arbonne is one of the top 5 most popular skincare and cosmetics brands, and in 2020, they acquire the B Corporation certification. To know more on what it is to be a B Corp certified, they’re the ones that assess businesses if they are meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors from their employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. So yeah, Arbonne passed that assessment.

But as we all know, not all users of the products (and not just Arbonne’s) are satisfied with it. Some are complaining about side effects but it is not about the product itself, but it’s because of the ingredients in it. That’s why some are advised to consult first to their doctors if the product can be beneficial to them before they take it and one more thing, the easiest thing to do is read the ingredients and do your own research on what they can do to your body once digested or used.

In 2017, Arbonne faced a class-action lawsuit alleging that they are operating as a pyramid scheme and deceptively representing the income potential of their consultants. It was settled and dismissed in 2018 with prejudice since as we all know, a pyramid scheme is where all of the earnings are based on recruiting new affiliates, but no, Arbonne has products to offer that’s why they cannot be called a pyramid scheme but they are in fact an MLM company.

As for joining the company, I’d rather not. The main point on how you will earn big bucks with this company is through recruitment. There are a limited number of people you can recruit and even finding 2-3 people to make your downline is already hard enough. If you’re looking at your warm market (e.g family, friends, coworkers, etc), you might not want to risk your relationship with them over these kinds of things, do you?

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