Architect Review (Renae Christine)

Renae Christine

Renae Christine is a gal I found out quite accidentally while writing another review. It’s about her involvement in Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime program. And yes, she’s selling courses herself regarding eCommerce stuff like Architect, but that didn’t stop her from purchasing someone else’s course. She’s not a paid shill by Seth either since she fearlessly expresses her concern about the scummy NDA in the said dude’s program. She’s keeping it real, as always.

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From the name of the LLCs under her name, Nae Cakes and Cupcake Trainings in particular, I thought Renae would be known for the said pastries. Apparently, she isn’t or maybe she’s doing a really bad job on showing that she got her break on it. All I can see is her being known for teaching how to sell handmade products online and creating various webinars without any indication, not even on her site, that she started out as an online seller herself.

Speaking of the site, the only page I found here that mentions Nae Cakes LLC is some kind of a placeholder page with the default “hello world” text. The links that you can click just leads to the main Cupcake Trainings’ site that houses her training programs. Thus, I can safely say that there’s a high chance the cupcake branding all over her site is just for the aesthetic.

My perception of her credibility takes a plunge for sure. To be fair, I’ve seen some chatter regarding Renae having a handmade card biz going on before, but why not flex it herself? I mean, no way we’re s’pose to trust her eCommerce website builder in Architect just because she’s known for, what, selling courses. Not to mention, the builder is also for the conventional eCommerce shops similar to Shopify, and not for selling courses.

Regardless, I haven’t really stumbled upon any harsh criticisms about Renae. Given her target audience includes mompreneurs and second chance grandmas, I’m surprised no one is calling her a witch or something. Not a single sob story of a disappointed single momma too.

Instead, what I’ve seen are praises on her being a fun and energetic mentor that genuinely wants success for her students. That she’s also a bestie for life (sounds like MLM-ey, but Renae ain’t running one). I’m pleasantly surprised for sure, but I still won’t let my guard down because Renae has an affiliate program on the other side. Something that incentivizes her students-turned-affiliates to suck off her and her course. IYKYK.

‘Nyway, let’s talk about the Architect program. It is described as the “ultimate system that takes you by the hand to help you gradually build and design the best website for your business.” Here, you’ll be trained on how to create an eCommerce website that’s cost effective (cheaper than Etsy, for example), easy to navigate, data protected, Pinterest friendly, video friendly, and optimized for search engines. That is, using Renae own website builder too, so you can say that it’s a done with you thing.

Once you sign up for Renae’s Architect, you’ll get nine modules of core training, access to a private Facebook group, site templates, plugin bundles, branding vault, and extra training on SEO and email marketing. The price of Architect is a one time payment of $997 or six payments of $199.

Architect Review

My thoughts here? Besides the concerns I’ve mentioned earlier regarding her credibility, I’m also not down with the current pricing. It’s too overpriced for just being a tutorial on how to create basic websites IMHO. Nothing so special with the output either, it’s bland and borderline sh*tty even. I’m pertaining to the sample website created through Architect in Happy Blug Bug dot com.

I can’t say I’m an expert on website building alright, but I’ve taken lessons on UIs before. I also have two functional eyes and some good taste (I hope). To me, it’s obvious that Renae’s sample site flops hard and it’s a one ugly baby fo sho. First off, what’s with the choice of color? Like hello, I can’t barely see the turquoise blue over the blinding white background. Then, there’s the out-of-place terms page with a dark blue text over a black background with some weird patterns.

The texts are very off too. Unusual choice of formatting and some lame ass branding  that doesn’t make sense such as “They’re selling like woah and we can’t stop it.” Finally, there are several links that lead to nowhere. The most notable one is the “lemme see” button on the homepage that should be linking to the sample site’s cupcake collection, but instead redirected to Yahoo dot com. Huh? There are freelancers out there who can make you something better for cheaper. Hence, I’m not recommending Renae’s Architect.

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