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Television is an industry where you can work for a long time. It’s hard to compare films to television. Even though narrative shows on TV have similar production to movies, you have to fill a day’s worth of television. You are thinking of ways to have as much as content as you can to span an entire year. A lot of companies that release movies also have their on television networks. It’s especially applicable to Disney which owns ABC, Paramount Global which owns CBS and NBCUniversal which owns NBC. Fox used to have its own film production arm. But Disney owns that now. Television is still one of the best places that those companies can promote the other stuff that their other arms make. They earn money through advertising.

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One show that’s fairly popular in its timeslot is Live With Kelly and Ryan. There isn’t really much to be said about Live. It’s a talk show that airs live after Good Morning America on ABC. The show is hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. There have been a lot of different permutations of the show. For the most part, the naming almost always involved who were the hosts at any given period. Kelly Ripa has hosted the show for 23 years, 12 of which were with original host Regis Philbin, 4 were with Michael Strahan—who actually went on to become one of the hosts of Good Morning America—and 7 are with Ryan.

It’s amazing how a show has managed to stay as long as it has with multiple changes to the lineup of hosts. There are a lot of longstanding shows on television in America, especially on the broadcast networks. Because these networks have fill a lot of time in their schedules, these types of show last as long as they have because there’s still an audience for it. One of the people that has stayed with Live is executive in charge Art Moore.

There isn’t really much about Art Moore that can be found on the internet. People behind the scenes of any type of television program doesn’t really tend to be a known quantity as the people on-screen. But Art has appeared a lot of times on the show that he’s producing. Executive producers and showrunners are often on the set to make sure that the show runs smoothly. That’s just how television programs, especially live ones are done.

Based on what I could find on his IMDB page, Art graduated from Ithaca College in 1996 with a major in drama and a minor in television and radio. He did a stint in the theater for a few years. Eventually, he went to become a producer and director in a bunch of different local stations around the tri-state area. That seems to happen a lot among the people who work off-camera. You tend to jump around different stations across different places. That’s just the nature of the job.

He went to be produce the first iteration of the Live franchise back when it was still called The Morning Show. He’s pretty much be part of the show since. It has went through many different hosts. Some solo, but it’s often in pairs. His work on Live lead him to be promoted as the vice president of programming at WABC, the local ABC station for the greater New York area. It’s one of the many stations that Disney owns and operates. He’s pretty much in charge of finding new talent or developing new shows specifically for that station. He has spent 50 years working for WABC and The Walt Disney Company at large. It’s no wonder his net worth sits at $20,000,000.

Like I said, Art is sort a fixture on the show. He’s very much well known for his style. You wouldn’t really expect somebody at 9AM to dress up as nice as Art does. But he’s very secretive about his life. It took a while for them to get him to do a closet raid segment that they did in September 2022. I guess there’s no reason for him to disclose any personal details about him if he doesn’t want to. Still, it seems like the cast and the crew at Live really love and respect their boss.

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