Arturo Johnson Consulting Review (AUM Program)

AUM Program

Arturo Johnson Consulting asserts that they can help with that one common problem among financial advisors and life insurance agents. The problem? Getting quality leads that you can easily turn into paying clients. With their client acquisition strategy behind their Attracting Unlimited Millionaires (AUM) program, financial advisors and life insurance agents alike will not solely rely on conventional methods ever again. Interested in knowing more about the program? Continue reading the review below.

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To clarify, the mentioned client acquisition strategy is catered for those primarily writing insurance policies themselves. In fact, it’s perfect for the agents selling Final Expense insurance, Whole Life insurance, Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance, and Annuities. If you’re just in it for recruiting or you’re not a licensed agent yourself, I guess all you can do is scram. Kiss the opportunity goodbye and move on.

But if you’re fit for what Arturo Johnson offers, then sit back and stay with me in this review to know whether the program is worth signing up for or not. To start, the AUM program’s webinar opens up with dismissing a common myth. That is, you need to do 10X of work to scale your biz from $10K to $100K. It’s not necessarily true. Not when the AUM program exists to show you it’s not. In fact, that’s a part of the 9-5 mentality that you have to drop to become a better agent.

Buying hundred leads from vendors every month. Attending daily rah rah sessions every morning. Shamelessly spamming Facebook with posts desperate for sales. No uh uh. All of that is just a waste of time, effort, and money. The complete opposite of what top performing insurance agents do. As the CMO of Arturo Johnson Consulting in Earl Hall mentions in the webinar, you just gotta stop any types of cold-calling. Stop feeding the lead vendor beast too and instead, focus on learning what they don’t want you to do – getting leads on your own via Facebook ads.

With the knowledge you’ll get from the AUM program, you’ll be able to work less while enjoying better client results. But before Earl points you to click the button below to book a call, he’ll drop some crumbs of info aka tips on how to clean up your mess of a biz as a typical insurance agent. Interestingly enough, that’s tip number one: Simplify the mess.

He’s talking about both personal and business mess. You simplify both. Here’s what he recommends for fixing your personal mess: Delete your social media app on your phone; disengage from the mainstream media, negativity, and group think; and stop entertaining the opinions of the sheep… not liking any of his suggestions so far, especially the last one that gives off a disgusting mix of conspira-sh*ts and Karen vibes.

Arturo Johnson Consulting Review

On the other hand, here’s his advice on fixing your business mess: Systematize and identify the overlap in your biz. This means focusing on one specific client and solving one specific problem with one product/service and one offer. Simply put, doing what matters most one step at a time. To Earl, it’s the “anatomy of a $100k a month business.”

The rest of his tips are as follows: Integrate a system that works for you and gets you appointments on the calendar at will; own the so-called minimum viable assets like a zoom account to take calls; and make your offer stand out among the rest by creating a unique value proposition. Obviously, all of the nitty-gritty details on how to follow the tips is behind the Arturo Johnson Consulting’s AUM program that costs two monthly payments of $3,000.

I didn’t stutter, that’s how expensive it is. For the price alone, I’ll say that the AUM program is not worth signing up for. Specifically, the price is too steep for a program that’s solely focused on getting leads (using Facebook ads too, ugh). I don’t see any indication that they’ll be able to scale your life insurance biz to $100k a month nor make your client acquisition on autopilot. Not with their lack of attention to details that’s manifested in AUM Program’s sales page with nothing but placeholder text. That’s just grave negligence for a high-ticket program like this. NEXT!

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