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Ascend Ecom is one of the many eCommerce centric companies in the U.S but Will Basta, one of the co-founders of the company said that they are different from any other companies that deal with eCom businesses. He’s been in the industry of eCom and other businesses for more than 10 years, and during those times, he experienced different adversities that changed his views until he decided to establish Ascend Ecom.

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“There’s a lot of companies out there providing a service, sort of a done-for-you investment service where you could pretty much invest money and sit back and let it grow over time and gain passive income which is in fact ideal to most people out there. But most of the time, these companies didn’t have a proper infrastructure or lacked ethics, and most if not all of them are not set for long-term success”, as Will shared his insights in one of his interviews.

“We’ve found a gap in the industry, a model that was there that could have been done better and we knew that we can do it better and that sort of spawned Ascend Ecom at a very very small level, just using our own internal network to see if we can prove operations and what we know we can do better and on 2021, we pushed our marketing since we’re confident in our strategy that we earned more or less 250 clients and made a little bit $29M dollar in revenue”, he continues.

So there, Ascend Ecom has its fair share of success of even still being labeled as a start-up by Will himself, because for him, every company is a start-up if it has only been around less than 5 years in the industry. So there are still big things to look forward to and many more clients to come. They’re setting up for long-term success with their now and future clients so you don’t have to worry that they’ll suddenly disappear like a bubble, ‘cause they won’t.

They’re very hands-on on their work. Their clients, which they preferably call as investors don’t have the time nor the infrastructure to figure out how to start an online business so they pay an upfront fee and then the company will use their resources – team, warehouse, logistics, wholesale distributions to build them out a wholesale amazon business and will run and operate the entire thing for them. And there are two phases to get you on-board with Ascend Ecom.

Phase one essentially means you have to get on the platform. They will guide you on this but you need to apply as an individual to get on Amazon so they check to make sure you’re not some robot so they might do an interview with you and stuff just to verify you’re a legit person. After that, you’ll pick a niche and as for the first month, it’s just the creation of your own store.

After all that, they need access to a working capital that can be anywhere from 20 to 40 grand depending on your goals which will become the fuel of the business. In order to do that, you’ll need to fill up forms from them. They’ll do the product research and sourcing of distributors in order to start listing your products on Amazon. Well, you don’t need to expect that your store will suddenly boom and earn lots of revenues during the first few months. You need to earn your stripes.

After you’ve had your first sale, that’s where the store ages. Amazon puts you in a different category, and you’ll earn your stature on the platform. The whole concept of arbitrage will end and the new wholesale model will come up since Amazon will give you more warehouse spaces as you sell more and more products. That’s for the second phase. As your business grows, the valuable wholesale relationships they established will help you leverage your shop both in Amazon and Walmart, opening up the ability to cross-sell your products and optimize your revenue.

They’re all about transparency as they’ve also been featured in Yahoo! Finance section. Yes, they offer fully automated investment and digital asset management services which can sometimes be labeled as fraud if you don’t do your own research but they also created an onboarding process that focuses on ensuring clients understand the backend of their business. There’s no fraud included in their values and they offer long-term, sustainable, profitable and transparent success with you.

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