ASEA Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

As we grow older, our bodies will slowly become vulnerable to toxins and environmental stress, which causes cellular reproduction to become slower and slower. And this will affect our health and quality of life. ASEA has developed a unique supplement that contains a distinct ingredient that is essential to cellular health – redox signaling molecules. These molecules help protect, rejuvenate and keep our cells active and perform to the utmost of their abilities.

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ASEA was founded by Verdis and Tyler Norton together with James Pack back in 2009. The name Asea means “from the sea” and it is not like the salt water that y’all are thinking right now. They just named it like that because the sea can sometimes represent rejuvenation and healing, a concept that resonated with its founders, thus making a product that contributes to the health and wellness of its consumers.

They are the first company I’ve seen to have products being FDA registered and NSF certified. Yes, you read that right. Their products are backed by countless research and tests for it to be where it is right now. The Asea Redox is classified as a dietary supplement, and it is not like any other dietary supplements that consists of herbs, exotic fruits and the likes, or complex mineral or vitamin formulation. All it has are the so-called redox signaling molecules.

Asea is registered as a dietary supplement and not as a medicine, so don’t expect it to cure various cell diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s. But it may prevent you from having them in the first place if you’re already using their product at an early stage since Asea boosts the health of the immune system and it is already proven by a number of lab tests. And these patented redox molecules which are natural chlorine, are known to be non-toxic and safe to the human body.

To be able to get a hold and share knowledge of this outstanding dietary supplement as an associate, it will cost you $40. This will allow you to get wholesale prices on all of their products and you will also receive the ASEA welcome kit that contains both digital and printed copy of marketing materials, together with a global marketing website and a back office management system. Well that’s cheap compared to other MLM company’s fee for joining.

As an associate, you will be able to get free products, be qualified to earn commissions and get residual income using your free Asea marketing website when you place orders. There are many ways to earn with ASEA, and just like in any other MLM companies out there, one is the retail commission. They don’t specify how much but you can keep the difference when you sell products that you bought at wholesale prices.

You can also sign up a preferred customer and get $25 on any purchase auto shipped to them. Fast start bonus to earn commission on every associate you enrolled to the company, team commissions for up to 10% from one of the two legs that is built through your sponsorship and check match bonus based on associates you have sponsored and others they have sponsored for up to seven generations.

And since they’re an MLM company, ranks will never be out of the equation. You’ll receive $50 when you attain the rank of Director (2nd of 11 ranks) during your first 14 days of enrollment. Earn a share of global sales with executive momentum bonus which are paid weekly while climbing up the ranks and diamond pool for qualified ranks which are paid monthly.

As per their income disclosure statement, the 2nd lowest in rank, Director has a monthly low of $43 and a monthly high of up to $2,858. Well considering the taxing work you have to put through to achieve such a feat is incredible enough. From finding customers to finding qualified and committed associates to join your team is not as easy as you think it is.

ASEA is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company and a successful one at that, that has products for you to sell and earn money from. Should you join them? It depends on how enthusiastic you are and to the product you will be selling. But let me tell you this, almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.

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