Asirvia Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There’s always something that surprises you while you’re researching for an article such as this one. I have steadily been reviewing a lot of different kinds of companies that employ a multi-level marketing strategy. Some of them, while I don’t really recommend any of them, sell pretty decent products. There are so many different health and wellness-related multi-level marketing companies out there that you can buy nutritional supplements from. Heck, there’s even a company called Optavia that sells meal replacement kits. There’s just a niche out there waiting to be utilized by these companies. You’ll eventually see one of them show up here.

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In some of the reviews that I have made, there have been some instances where its founders have had some experience with regards to multi-level marketing-type schemes. Often times people, such as myself, will use the terms multi-level marketing and pyramid scheme interchangably. MLM is just easier to type out than pyramid scheme. Both have similar structures but there’s a bit of a difference. You get commissions from MLMs by selling products and recruiting people to also sell those products. Sometimes that happens with pyramid schemes. But usually, it’s the prospect of earning more money after just paying a membership fee that reels people in. In a pyramid scheme, you earn money through the affiliates who join after you.

The co-founders of Asirvia have had some experience in network marketing. (That’s just another term they use for multi-level marketing) Co-founders Donald LaPlume, Don Smith and Kevin Marino were all as affiliate members in a company called Saivian. Saivian is a pyramid scheme. The thing about pyramid schemes is that it is reliant on a steady stream of money going into that scheme. When there are no longer any members coming into this scheme, it’s basically dead. That happened to Saivian in 2016, which promoted the Dons and Kevin to jump ship and launch Asirvia in December of that year.

The thing to note about Asirvia is that is no longer in business. The company had two iterations. The first involved software. It’s not even software that Asirvia actually made. All of them were supposedly made to help with your daily life. All of the products were subscription-based. You had to pay Asirvia monthly in order to access these software. The prices ranged from $19 to $34. There were two software bundles that you could purchase if you don’t want to buy just one. A bundle consisting of six programs of your choice costs $99 a month. While a bundle consisting of all 11 programs costs $169 a month. Without the bundle discount, purchasing each program costs you $281 a month. The affiliate membership for this iteration of Asirvia costs $149.95. You get a commission when you sell them the first month subscription once. There’s a smaller commission percentage for the succeeding month, but you to have be an Associate in order to get.

The first iteration of Asirvia didn’t last long. Around June 2017, roughly six months into launch, they decided to redo everything. Somehow, they decided to sell another third-party item. This time around it’s a Bluetooth-enabled device that spams Android devices nearby with advertisements. What those advertisements are about depends on the people using them. What’s weird about it is that their supplier is also an MLM company selling the same device. An affiliate member for Asirvia 2.0 costs $25 a month. You will also need to purchase one of those devices at retail price for $25. The Asirvia Go device costs $25 a month for a single unit. There is also a one-time activation fee that costs $30. You get commissions once you’ve made three retail sales and recruited at least one affiliate.

Since Asirvia is no longer in business, it’s easy to avoid it. It doesn’t seem like any of the co-founders have started a new company in the years since Asirvia shut down. Still, I don’t really recommend anyone to join any kind of MLM company, regardless of whether or not the products they sell are good. The structure of it doesn’t really lend a lot of success to the people starting out. You are probably better off starting a small business rather than trying to reach a quota just so you could possibly earn a commission.

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