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Amazing Selling Machine Review (ASM)

Matt Clark

Amazing dot com CEO Matt Clark explains that, achieving wealth is something that you’re responsible for. You don’t rely for it on other people, the government, or any charitable institution. It’s all on you. And one way to achieve it is to build a business that works overtime for you. Amazing dot CPO Mike McClary then chimes in, stating that today is a great opportunity to do it. Due to the lockdowns that prevent people from going out as much, people are now buying their needs and wants online. And this creates a huge opportunity for eCommerce to explode. Read on for my Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course review.

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Matt says in their recent video, “You deserve to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want. The day of the nine-to-five is gone. Stop hoping for a good time to ask your boss for a raise. Stop waiting for politicians to prioritize your financial well-being. You need a source of income that you control, that works for you no matter what you’re doing with your time. Something that doesn’t depend on location, so you can make money from home or from the road, if you love to travel.”

The internet has always been a big help for this. Without it, it won’t even be possible at all. Matt’s company, Amazing, has helped more than thirty-five thousand people discover the path to financial freedom in the past eight years. Mike then enters with this statement, “We hate seeing people trapped, living unfulfilling lives with no way out. Because we used to be in the same situation. We estimate the people we’ve taught have sold more than nine billion dollars worth of goods online. They come from all different backgrounds and levels of experience.”

Matt then comes back and says this, “What if you could build an entire eCommerce brand you own, without a warehouse, without employees, and even without a website? Wouldn’t that make it so much easier? Well, you can. Since 1994, there’s been a company on a mission to revolutionize shopping online. They started with books; now they sell everything. This company is Amazon. They’ve grown from nothing to a nearly two trillion dollar company. And they continue to grow at an unstoppable pace.”

Mike McClary

Amazon is considered right now as one of, if not the, biggest eCommerce platform today. And they have made it easier, faster, and less costly for you to start your own selling business online. Because they’ll now handle most of the things that you’ll need to start and run your store, such as warehousing, shipping, most of your customer service, website hosting, fraud prevention, returns, and a lot more. Compared to doing everything yourself, the cost this entails is very cheap. Bith Matt Clark and Mike McClary know this, as they’ve been selling on Amazon for a very long time now, and they’re still doing it. Thus, they’re always on the cutting-edge of what’s working right now.

And they aim to teach you everything they know about Amazon (and eCommerce in general), through their Amazing Selling Machine program, or ASM for short. ASM contains a total of 8 modules (9 if you count the Introduction & Overview module). Basically, you’ll learn everything here, from building your brand, to where you should source your products for sale, creating your Amazon listing, launching your product, marketing, and finally, scaling the entire process. The entire online course is expected to be completed in 8 weeks. In addition to these, you’ll also be eligible for THE ASM Mentorship Program, which is basically their private group where you can ask questions from your fellow ASM students about anything aCommerce.

You’ll also have access to ASM’s Private Vault, which contains their scripts, templates, coupon codes for some tools that you’ll need, and others. Finally, you’ll get some coaching calls every now and then. Bear in mind, however, that the mentorship and coaching calls aren’t done by official ASM mentors, but by former ASM students who have already become very successful. Thus, you can’t be sure of the quality of their coaching program. In fact, many ASM members have been disappointed by being discouraged to message their mentors personally, because the act is frowned upon (no idea why). There are also feedback of some of the people in ASM doing racist remarks, but it’s still pure accusation at this point. Overall, you might want to think twice before you enroll in this program.

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