John Assaraf Review (Business Breakthrough Challenge)

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John Assaraf asks you if you’d like to earn more income and achieve success faster. Of course, why would anyone say “no” to that? That’s why he’s got a new offer for you that you may want to check out. It’s the Million Dollar Neuro-Marketing Machine, which comes in the form of a free eBook. But of course, the ebook is just a front for John’s real offer, which is the Business Breakthrough Challenge. What exactly is in this program? And is it a profitable investment for you and your business if you join this program? Let’s find out in my full review.

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According to its sales page, the Business Breakthrough Challenge is designed to help you unlock the five groundbreaking neuro-marketing and neuro-sales strategies to attract a flood of qualified buyers and income in five days or less. By joining this event, you’ll be able to get the proven blueprint to build a 6- or 7-figure business this year, even if you are stuck or just starting out. As a testament to his credibility, John Assaraf has already built five multi-million dollar companies, including growing RE/MAX of Indiana to $4.5 billion in annual sales and taking public on Nasdaq with a market cap of $2.5 billion. And these things, and more, are done during his career lifespan of 35 years.

John Assaraf himself has also made plenty of media appearances in the past. You may have watched him on Larry King Live or Anderson Cooper 360. Or maybe it was the blockbuster book and movie “The Secret,” which has now reached nearly 500 million people around the globe. He was also in Sir Richard Branson’s documentary, Quest For Success. John is also the author of a total of four books, and three of them are certified New York bestsellers: Having It All, The Answer, and Innercise. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of My NeuroGym, which focuses on brain training to unlock human potential.

Here’s also what John Assaraf himself has to say about the Business Breakthrough Challenge. “Make the smart and easy choice to join the Business Breakthrough Challenge. Choose to apply the latest neuro-marketing and neuro-sales strategies and techniques, and I predict not only will you survive but thrive and earn more income, gain traction, and increase the value of your business in the next 6–12 months. Imagine what you can achieve after I give you the benefit of my 35+ years of business growth experience in a matter of days, and the momentum you’ll build after doing powerful daily exercises to put you in front of ready buyers.”

Plenty of people, mostly entrepreneurs, have also found great success in their businesses after they joined John’s program. A guy named Mark Lack reports, “I went from struggling to generate $5- to $10k a month in my business, which I thought was actually amazing at the time, to now generating $700,000 a month in my business; and on track to generate $1 million a month. It’s just so incredible because I thought $1 million would be enough to retire and now we’re on track to be doing that consistently month in and month out. It’s all because I programmed my brain for success, crazy as that sounds.”

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There’s also another satisfied entrepreneur, a girl hailing from Ireland named Jacquie Branagan. She said, “I just wanna give John a huge shout-out and big big thank you for your program. Before I joined, my business was stagnant and going downhill fast. It caused so much stress and I didn’t know what to do. Having participated in the challenge, I’m proud to say business is trending up again. And I have two new business projects that I’m very excited about.”

Here is what you’ll get when you join the Business Breakthrough Challenge. It comes with an online training program that you can do in the comfort of your home, which lasts a total of 5 days. Aside from this, you’ll also get access to Assaraf’s private business network, a vault chock-full of worksheets and blueprints, access to surprise bonuses and guests throughout the challenge, and unlimited access to recordings of all five days of the training you participated in for 30 days, in case you want to watch a replay of the training. And if you register now, the entire Business Breakthrough Challenge will just cost you $47, saving you a total of 97% ($1,638) of the original price.

The testimonials show promise, and the legitimacy and trustworthiness of John Assaraf can’t be questioned. But then again, it does feel like it’s a bit overhyped as well. Furthermore, while it may cost quite cheap, better be prepared for a lot of expensive upsells. Overall, it seems to be a great program. However, given the price, and the potential number of upsells, I don’t think it’s going to be comprehensive enough for its purpose.

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