Wealth Assistants Review (Ryan Carroll)

Ryan Carroll

Wealth Assistants is yet another program that offers DFY Amazon and Shopify brand management. Led by Ryan Carroll, the program claims to manage around seven hundred stores across the country. Bold of them to say that given that they’re new in the e-commerce scene. Smells like BS, quite frankly. Now, is my BS radar right? Only one way to find out and it’s by actually checking them out. My review on Wealth Assistant starts below.

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To start, let’s discuss what Wealth Assistants is all about. I’ve mentioned their DFY Amazon and Shopify services already, but they didn’t say it like that on their homepage. Like their generic ass name, they opt to be vague about it instead. Goes like this: “We build, scale, and manage modern day assets completely done for you.”

Weird that for the wall of text that follows, they never mention Amazon or Shopify, only e-commerce. Not even once unless you count the fine print in the end that says they’re not affiliated nor associated directly with Jeff Bezos’ thang. Y’all hiding something or what?

Maybe I’m reading into this too much… Orrrr maybe not because we’re talking about something made by Ryan. Y’know, a dude who’s notorious for making new programs to ride the hype, then ditching them after a year or two to move on to another. Aka he gotta run before peeps caught he’s just full of hot air. There, I said it.

Anyway, here’s the investment process of Wealth Assistants in four steps. Step number one is choosing your service. Again, it’s either Amazon or Shopify, your choice. They mention this because those two differ in initial startup cost, working  capital costs, risk-to-reward ratios, revenue, profits, refund policies, and all that. Thanks Captain Obvious!

Then, step number two is getting funded. Here it says: “Should you need or desire capital to retain our service OR for working capital for your e-commerce biz, we have reliable sources that can provide these funds to qualified borrowers.” From the looks of it, it seems like they’ll try to squeeze every bit of your credit. Also, they’re likely charging a fixed “management” fee instead of profit sharing too. I mean, why do the latter when there’s probably no profit in the first place. Whoops.

Step number three would be onboarding. It’s around two to four weeks of getting your “foundational business assets set up and in place.” This is where they need your assistance until they take over and do the rest. Riiiight… an attempt to make this thang less too good to be true, maybe?

Finally, step number four is where you collect your passive income. This is the time when your store is supposedly up and running. Payouts are said to be made anytime from daily to monthly. Again, why set some definite payout schedule if there’s none to be paid out? Seriously, their copy is definitely NOT making ‘em less sus at all.

With that said, how much is the price of Wealth Assistants, then? Well, Wealth Assistants costs a whopping $35k up to $55k in upfront fee. The overall cost could skyrocket even further if you ever try to “retain” their services. I say don’t do it. Better yet, don’t sign up for Wealth Assistants altogether.

Wealth Assistants Review

Besides the sh*ttiness I already mentioned before, Ryan and his buddies are also known for faking their creds. Fake ass reviews, paid articles sucking ‘em off, fake proofs you name it. They can’t even deny the paid articles thingy when one of ‘em explicitly mentions that the writer is a SEO builder for websites with low performing authority. So, obviously a paid shill. Ugh.

Not only that, a dude revealed that he was not paid, not even a single dime, by Ryan for his moderation services.  Manage their ‘gram and all, but all he got was a block. How scummy, right? Now, you shouldn’t be surprised if they do not deliver on their promises. Them running away from paying a few hundred bucks is very telling.

Most importantly, these dudes don’t even have any real experience on managing e-commerce stores, let alone managing seven hundred plus. All they did was a few hours of tweaking channel advisor feeds. Heck, their goal of doing that is not even gaining experience on Amazon, but only to record a 20-minute video to say they’re completely managing the account. Buncha frauds, I’m afraid. Safe to say that my BS radar is right.

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